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Stringify integration

The Sonoff switches are great tools and have made a big difference to the way my smart home works for me.

Integration with the Stringify app would add so many useful features, allowing the use of things like sunrise/sunset (including offsets), geofencing and many other smart home sensors as triggers for Sonoff switches. Stringify takes care of that with a large (and growing) menu.

This integration will increase the versatility of your wonderful switches.

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IFTTT only allows a single action. As a result, I need 4 IFTTT applets to turn on 4 lights at sunset.

Stringify allows multiple actions from one trigger, much more sensible. It also adds multiple triggers so EITHER or AND routines are possible, much more versatile.

Linking IFTTT and stringify adds an extra step, making it more complex whilst adding nothing.

PLEASE, ITEAD Studio, expand your product's usability and make it the ONLY choice.

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The makers of Sonoff claim that you need 1000 votes on this forum to even consider adding a feature.

The highest any request has reached is 60 votes over 2 years - and they are not implementing that request, but it would take 20 years at current rates to hit 1000 votes.
(search the request forum and sort by "popularity")

The makers of Sonoff never seem to reply to feature request threads other than to say things like "we need 1000 votes" - make of this what you will.

So we are probably wasting our time here.

Sonoff, I imagine has a plan, and I don't think any of it involves being open.
They are playing the same game that played out for the internet - here's my prediction for the smart thingiverse:

endgame 1: expensive smarthome hardware and expensive smarthome  apps. (IBM PC with AOL)
endgame 2: cheap smarthome  hardware and paid smarthome apps. (Clone PC with AOL)
endgame 3: cheap smarthome hardware and cheap smarthome apps, but they sell your data (the internet today)

While these endgames play out (spoiler - endgame 3 wins) various manufacturers will try to offer more and more for free (eg amazon dash button) , until they kill their competitors, so look out for free everything until there is only one game in town!
Then prepare to have your entire house and gadget-sphere owned by facebook / amazon / omnicorp :)


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Please add support for stringify I abandoned Ifttt for this app. Ifttt is useless compared to Stringify. Come on, they are just waiting for your help :-)

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I, too, would like to see Sonoff/Ewelink integrated with Stringify.

A match made in the Cloud?

Darron in Reno, Nevada, USA

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Did Anybody from ITEAD/eWelink comment about this?

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A powerful feature where the home automation community would pick up and adopt and spread rapidly.

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Yes, indeed, it's about time to get Stringify and Sonoff together. This would be an unbeatable combo of low price, power and ease of setup in the real of IoT

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@Dfeelion I know.


I have 4 lights I want to switch on IFTTT only allows 1 action so I need to run 4 routines to switch on the lights.

So I repeat my original post - PLEASE can we have integration with Stringify which is more versatile.

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Totally agree. I’m in the same situation with five “sunset” applets on IFTTT; one on Stringify would be so much better!

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This is something I would use.

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This would be a great addition. I use Stringify for many things in my home automation. Seems to be a reliable service to use.

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I want one trigger (sunset) to switch 4 Ewelink switches. Currently IFTTT takes four applets to get me where I need to be because it only allows one action for each trigger. Apilio does not resolve this in any way, it simply adds to the level of complexity, and adds another server to the list of potential failure points! I still need 4 IFTTT applets, one to toggle each switch.

It was nice of you to try and help, but Apilio is not the answer.

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another  +++ for stringify inclusion


Concordo nell'estrema utilita'. Qui' spiego come ho usato IFTTT e Stringify per Sonoff tapparelle:

Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 | Manuale italiano | Controllo tapparelle WiFi


Just to note, I would appreciate to see stringify and Itead Platform working together. 

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