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Stringify integration

The Sonoff switches are great tools and have made a big difference to the way my smart home works for me.

Integration with the Stringify app would add so many useful features, allowing the use of things like sunrise/sunset (including offsets), geofencing and many other smart home sensors as triggers for Sonoff switches. Stringify takes care of that with a large (and growing) menu.

This integration will increase the versatility of your wonderful switches.

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We would have more options than the limited scene if you linked up with Many different comands in one trigger. Much like IFTTT but more.
another  +++ for stringify inclusion


Some solution or hack to integrate sonoff switch with strignify?
Right ow IFTTT but very unreliable I ran some test and some triggers work first time the. Not the next I had to trigger again and it worked but same thing don't work again second time around
I have both a stringify and an Apilio account Benefits of Stringify: 1) Can set time in one minute intervals (15 min in IFTTT) 2) Easy to use 3) able to recheck conditions at the end of a timer Benefits of Apilio/IFTTT 1) much easier to pass variables 2) much more configurable and better if you have any programming experience 3) not owned by a multinational 4) mathematics on variable can be done in App (Apilio makes you send it to IFTTT and back) Other than that they do the same thing. Both can do timers. Both can do multiple actions. Both can do multiple conditions. And, the Apilio/IFTTT one is already available to almost everyone with Sonoff devices.

If you want or need Stringify integration, make sure that you vote for this request. If enough interest can be shown, maybe it can happen.

WOW! EB, Apilio is easy to use!!!!!!!!!

My first Stringify flow took me 2 minutes to set up and worked exactly as expected.

I am now 1 hour+ into Apilio and still don't have the slightest idea of what I am doing. I realise that it is in beta still, so this is not a criticism of the author. However, at this moment in time, I don't understand the process of linking Apilio and IFTTT.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can somebody at ITEAD talk to the people at Stringify. I have money to spend when you get Stringify integration!

I'm off for a sleep now, my head hurts.

The only thing that needs linking is a single number from IFTTT that Apilio needs to know. IFTTT do like to hide it, but there are instructions on Apilio of where it is. Took me less than 30 seconds. It is free software that isn’t from a multinational; you can’t expect it to be as slick as a corporate giant’s version. There was a talk of ‘needing’ Stringify earlier. There is almost nothing most people can’t already do with IFTTT & Apilio. Some of them more easily and flexibly. And, IFTTT has more integrations than Stringify. There will be people at Sonoff well aware of this. Are they really going to put an effort into integration with a currently in vogue service that provides a service already available… they will have some programming experience/intelligence and will look at the options already available (Apilio isn’t the only one anyway) and think it is easy. I’d much prefer they concentrated on adding resilience to their server structure.


Enough about Apilio. Great for you that you like it and it does the job you want. This thread is about Stringify integration, which a lot of people already have their entire automation scenario developed with. 

I want one trigger (sunset) to switch 4 Ewelink switches. Currently IFTTT takes four applets to get me where I need to be because it only allows one action for each trigger. Apilio does not resolve this in any way, it simply adds to the level of complexity, and adds another server to the list of potential failure points! I still need 4 IFTTT applets, one to toggle each switch.

It was nice of you to try and help, but Apilio is not the answer.

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+1 for stringify integration.  Would also be great to have an open api or webhook, but if we have IFTTT no reason not to have stringify


The makers of Sonoff claim that you need 1000 votes on this forum to even consider adding a feature.

The highest any request has reached is 60 votes over 2 years - and they are not implementing that request, but it would take 20 years at current rates to hit 1000 votes.
(search the request forum and sort by "popularity")

The makers of Sonoff never seem to reply to feature request threads other than to say things like "we need 1000 votes" - make of this what you will.

So we are probably wasting our time here.

Sonoff, I imagine has a plan, and I don't think any of it involves being open.
They are playing the same game that played out for the internet - here's my prediction for the smart thingiverse:

endgame 1: expensive smarthome hardware and expensive smarthome  apps. (IBM PC with AOL)
endgame 2: cheap smarthome  hardware and paid smarthome apps. (Clone PC with AOL)
endgame 3: cheap smarthome hardware and cheap smarthome apps, but they sell your data (the internet today)

While these endgames play out (spoiler - endgame 3 wins) various manufacturers will try to offer more and more for free (eg amazon dash button) , until they kill their competitors, so look out for free everything until there is only one game in town!
Then prepare to have your entire house and gadget-sphere owned by facebook / amazon / omnicorp :)


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Please add support for stringify I abandoned Ifttt for this app. Ifttt is useless compared to Stringify. Come on, they are just waiting for your help :-)

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Yes, indeed, it's about time to get Stringify and Sonoff together. This would be an unbeatable combo of low price, power and ease of setup in the real of IoT

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There is nothing that can’t be achieved by linking IFTTT to Stringify, etc. without a direct integration. I’d much prefer they put their effort into getting one thing to work well, rather than spread their resources between different projects.
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