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Ability to downgrade firmware


I'm one of the maintainers of the opensource project , however with the latest release there appears to be certificate pinning (or similar) happening. This means that users can only upgrade the firmware in the Sonoff devices if they open it up, and solder in headers.

Using this OTA method users could get all of the benefits of an open platform, without the the need to open up the device and solder etc.

To allow customers to still do this, it would be great if you could either, provide a way of having an alternative update server (with no certificate pinning), or allow using to downgrade to previous versions of firmware that did allow SonOTA to work.

Your help is appreciated to allow every to benefit from the open platform.

Thank you.

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Signed. Please allow downgrading.

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Is appears version 2 allows SonOTA to work again.  Can anyone confirm this?

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Andy, what do you mean by "appears?"  Did you do it yourself, or read about it somewhere?  I just plugged in my unit, and it did an upgrade, but only to 1.8.1, not 2

I have a 3 Gang Switch running 2.0.1

How can you tell which version is installed on a son off basic?

Through ewlink app. Connect your sonoff basic to the app and you can see its version.

So, is it true or not - can we do OTA with the new firmware?  Im still running the old version and dont want to up-grade unless its confirmed.

There's a YouTube video showing a US Tasmota T1 switch running firmware 2.0.1, and he upgrades it with SonOTA.  I don't know what this means for other Sonoff switches.  I don't have any right now that are not Tasmotized, so I can't test.

It seems, based on the eWeLink app, that my only one (of two) non-Tasmota sonoff basic units is at 1.8.1 now.  Since it's not worth the bother to fiddle around for a single device, I guess I'll put it back in a drawer, delete eWeLink from my phone, and wait for more news :-) 

See this page for details of what's known to work:

It looks like that's one of the devices out of sync with the rest (ie: it's running v2, where as most are v1).

That would be Good

Another vote. Please allow people to either OTA upload other firmware or downgrade the existing one so we can at least use that mechanism to sideload.

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If we could flash custom firmware so that we could use mqtt to control devices, we could standardize on sonoff devices.  Requiring Internet access to control devices is not an option for us.

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I would also like to downgrade or update to OTA compatibility.

Hello, I recently met this technology and I was very excited, I bought a lot of 10 to play with them and after a while I realized that they were disconnected from Wi-Fi every moment, you can not maintain a stability which makes it almost useless, then I found out about the firmware that modifies this but now it is not possible anymore, I was unable to play and I need an ALTERNATIVE that is stable and has local connectivity functions without the cloud. Does someone recommend another device, even if it is more expensive? I can pay for technical assistance (celularespia * gmail)  thank you very much.

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