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Ability to downgrade firmware


I'm one of the maintainers of the opensource project , however with the latest release there appears to be certificate pinning (or similar) happening. This means that users can only upgrade the firmware in the Sonoff devices if they open it up, and solder in headers.

Using this OTA method users could get all of the benefits of an open platform, without the the need to open up the device and solder etc.

To allow customers to still do this, it would be great if you could either, provide a way of having an alternative update server (with no certificate pinning), or allow using to downgrade to previous versions of firmware that did allow SonOTA to work.

Your help is appreciated to allow every to benefit from the open platform.

Thank you.

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ITEAD has locked down these products for the average user with apparently good intentions, I agree! However they have ended up disenfranchising their other customers who have, before this time, successfully exploited features of their product that ITEAD themselves, do not or can not support.  ITEAD has financially profited from these creative users, and  It would be a gesture of goodwill if they would continue to support them. In so doing the partnership would benefit both parties.

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I concur.

They made it more secure for the average consumer, but the nature of the product makes it ideal for the tinkerer, who cannot be considered average.

They locked out their power users, which I think is a mistake that will likely hit their bottom line.

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I just received my last order.

I cannot re-flash with SonOTA, as I did with all other I installed.

If ITEAD don't provide ability to do that (by any means he likes, including downgrade to older version), do we need to look at any WEMOS solution ?

The present request is the most popular today.

Why ITEAD people don't answer to new comments ?

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Everyone does know they can flash without issue using a USB to serial adapter?  I know SonOTA was convenient and all, but it's not like you're dead in the water or anything.

 There is no soldering involved.  Just stick the pin of a jumper wire in there.  SonOTA was awesome.  But if you're a tinkerer, you should know how to flash using the GPIO pins. It's not that hard.

That being said, I hope there is some way to get SonOTA working again.  It was really convenient.

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Ok, last post here.  I promise.

What's the alternative?  Who else makes a Sonoff like set of switches that we can flash something on to?  I'm more than willing to look at alternatives.

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@Andy Pastuszak :  There is no soldering involved

It is not completely truth : unfortunately, the BASIC Sonoff I received need soldering.

It would be an other change request to ask for having all the Sonoff panel ready to be connected to an FTDI adapter.

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@Randy That's new.  I have 5 Basics and 2 TH10s and none of them needed soldering.  I just put the jumper wire in the hole and flashed away.

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@Andy -- That's right. It's pretty trivial to flash using the old-school esptool method.  I made a jig using pogo connectors to hit Vcc, GND, TX and RX.  

I found the SonOTA process to be a bit cumbersome, having to connect my Mac's Wifi to the Sonoff's AP, do a dance, connect it to another AP, etc.

Having said that, I would appreciate it if Itead would open up this mechanism again.  Closing it up is moving in the wrong direction, I fear.  Also, all these comments, and no official response from Itead?  That's not good.

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No answer for this, Itead??

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The Sonoff basic's I have just received all have solder filling the jumper lead holes, and will require desoldering to get to work with the leads!

I was using these with stock firmware on an offline network (router not connected to the internet.) and a small machine running a node.js server. It would be nice if the device would not check certs if the server was on the same subnet as it was. Balance security and tinkerability. Regular phone app users would be protected (since it would go to regular servers by default), 'Experts' could override on their local network, and it would require physical access in order to change the configuration by press and hold the button.. It would allow for up to 254 devices on the network.

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Dear sirs,

It will be a great idea to solve this issue allowing us to downgrade to 1.55 version or implementing this SONOTA features in a new versión. I have two sonoff basic working great with this feature (they came with 1.55 version) but I have just bought three new ones that I can't use because I am not able to solder them.

Another question, I have seen there is a new version: 1.8.1,  Are all this issues solved with it? Can we use Sonota with it? It will be great!

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On FW 1.8.1 - does anyone have release notes?

Please restore this functionality, I would buy many more devices if I can flash my own software and control them over a LAN

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