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Smart Scene on THs

Hi, More than one year telling sonoff TH will have ability to control and to be controlled by smart scene and nothing. ITEAD, when this will be possible???

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I need to set a global switch off for 6 x TH16s I have now installed to control heaters at my sailing club's clubhouse.  I need a simple way to switch them all off or all on.  I have setup timer events but if I want to kill them all at any time I have to switch each individually.  A pain.  Please set this up so that I can create a global command or scene.

You can do it using IFFF

Hi Miguel, can you tell me how as I have checked the tools and applets available on IFTTT and have not found one that will let me control a group of switches yet?  Thanks

This is not best solution but work arround. You have to add one additional sonoff( with name “master1, for example), you have to use this new device as a master an create one applet by sonoff you have to control “ if switch on “master1” switch off “device1”. And this app by all devices you would like to switch off My email
You have to configure it on
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