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Connecting Sonoff switches to a mesh network

Im currently using the Engenius EMR3000 kit mesh router and i am unable to connect the switches to be paired to the app. Anyone knows how i can do it? Can switches even be connected to Mesh Routers? I have attached a picture of my Wifi settings.

Had an issue with my devices and to link Deco mesh. I found that by unplugging the nearest unit and leaving only the gateway deco powered up the switches would connect and I could say them up. Powered up the other deco units afterward and all working fine. It was something to do with them not being able to connect via 5ghz. With s try.
Mine are working really fine now!

I've got an AirTies mesh and something similar : 

Basics connect just find - but the POWs won't, as the give an error 'Won't work on 5Ghz network'. Makes no sense as the network is both and the Basics work.

So we have the issue with : 

Engenius EMR3000

TP-link Deco M5

Netgear Orbi

AirTies 4920

You can also use WiFi analyser app to switch your phone to the 2.4ghz network and then add the new device.

Hello, for those of you who have managed to get it to work on a Deco M5 network, please do share the steps.  I still can't connect to mine.


I have mine setup with deco M5 mesh units. Are all your deco's & Sonoff's in the same house? Turn off all the deco's except the 1 acting as the main base unit then when you go to the position your Sonoff is going to be used in see if you're phone is connected to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network. If your on 2.4 you should be fine and the Sonoff should connect no problem. If your still on 5 move further away from the base station and try again, once the Sonoff is connected you can put it back where you want it and all will be fine. If you don't get a signal where you want the device to be turn on the next deco and try again. Basically the 5ghz signal is short range and the 2.4 is long range. The only extra problem I had was I found my 4 channel switch would only connect to the particular deco that I first used to set it up so you need to think about what is going where and which deco unit it will be connecting with as you can't change them after. Hope that helps

Thank you for responding so quickly, Jon!

To answer your question, yes - the Sonoff's are in the same house.  But how do I determine if it is on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band?  There isn't a way for me to switch this either on my iOS' wifi settings or on the M5's app.  

Thing is, I have set the M5 to "access point" mode as I could not use it in "router mode".  In router mode, I'd need to have all my wifi devices on a different subnet.  

I figured this might be a 2.4GHz / 5GHz issue but not sure how I can "force" the mobile device used to pair the T2 Sonoff via the 2.4GHz band.

Any additional advice you should share would be most appreciated.  Thanks again, Jon!

That's fine, mine are setup in AP mode as well.

I have "WiFi Analyser" app installed and that tells you what network your on.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks again for responding.

I take it this app is on Android?  I can't seem to find "WiFi Analyser" or "WiFi Analyzer" on the iTunes store.

Please advise . Thank you.

Yes I'm on android, I assume there is an equivalent for iPhone you'll have to investigate I have no experience with apple

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Thank you, Jon.  Let me see what the app looks like on Android and maybe I can find a similar one for iOS.  

Have a great day ahead!

Here's what I did as a work around. I am using a Samsung Connect mesh. Sometimes the itead device during pairing thinks the network is 5 ghz.  So, I cheat. I set this up one time and just cycle through the following to get the sonoff on wifi.  I have an old TP-Link router. I configured it to only run on 2.4. I shut my Samsung mesh net down and connect the TP-Link to the router and bring it up. The wifi password is the same between the two routers. I use the TP-Link net to connect the Sonoff to wifi, and shut the Sonoff off and back on. Once I know its connecting, I shut the TP-Link down and bring the Samsung back up. The Sonoff doesn't know its a different network because the SSID and wifi password is the same, and it ignores the 5 ghz, and connects at 2.4.  Doesn't fail.


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That's interesting, what Sonoff devices are you using as 1 of my 4 channel switches absolutely refuses to connect to anything other than the original AP it was setup with.
I am simply using the Basic and Dual.  BTW, did you see my new thread about using the Dual with a ceiling fan and light?


Helo everybody! I purchased one TP-Link Deco M5 3 weeks ago (March 28th). After easy installation of TP-Link Deco M5 (kit with 3 pcs) I faced problems with sonoff Touch switch (I have 2 in my home - 1 gang). I also have 2 sonoff dual wifi switches but in these switches I doesn't have any problem when I changed for deco m5 mesh wifi. I only solved this issue in the sonoff touch switch pairing again the both wifi switches using one old cellphone (android samsung) that only use 2,5GHz band for wifi connection. With this cellphone I don't have any problem and then the switches worked immediately (after normal pairing process = pull the setup buttom for almost 7 seconds and then start paring mode). I hope that these information will help you!

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