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Connecting Sonoff switches to a mesh network

Im currently using the Engenius EMR3000 kit mesh router and i am unable to connect the switches to be paired to the app. Anyone knows how i can do it? Can switches even be connected to Mesh Routers? I have attached a picture of my Wifi settings.

Having the same issue with my newly installed TP-Link Deco.
I have the same problem. It might have worked if it was possible to make the phone use the 2,4 band but it looks to be immposible!
Forgot to say i also have TP-link Deco M5
Yeah, I can’t get it to work either. M5 supports both 2.4 and 5 so why it doesn’t work is beyond me. As usual, Helpdesk is if no help.

I seem to have the same problem with my Netgear Orbi mesh router - none of my devices are able to connect to the wifi

Product seems to be so backwards there is no way to get this switches to work with today’s tech.
The produkt Work fine! It is the router (mesh) that is the problem! It would probably Work alot better IF it was possible to designade ghz-band to each conected device!! Please try to influence your router manufakturer!

Disagree - since I installed the Netgear Orbi Router I can see none of my devices, including the devices in my holiday home running on a normal router. 

Please explain. 

The mesh router desides what band to use and it Do not work. When i use my old Netgear router i get all upp and running! I have 20 units of 3 different sorts!

I can see my Orbi router is correctly selecting 2.4ghz for all my ITEAD devices 

This is definitely an ITEAD problem, please assist. 

I disagree! Why does it Work When i dont use mesh tecnology?
Can now see my devices but all are offline, r u working on the problem?

I think I found a solution for you, I had the same issue using a Samsung S8+ connected to my home Mesh Orbi wifi. I downloaded an app from the App Store called "WIFI Manager"by Kostya Vasilyev. Open the app an look for your wifi network and connect to your network and select the lower channel number. The 5g works on the higher channels (mine was on 48). Once you connect to lower number (mine was Channel 4) network you can connect your devices.

Im scratching my head.... I have been trying to get all of my sonoff to conect to the Mesh wifi. I left the units on and after 12hrs some of them got online but only about half of them. Left them for a day then i loves them around the house, and suddenly all of then are online..... Now i have moved them to the correct position and all are working fine! I will keep an eye on them and keep you posted!
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