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S20 LED brightness

 Have been switching over my sockets and switches to Sonoff (previously using Energenie). However, one thing I found aggravating is the unnecessarily bright LED status indicator. In a night-time bedroom environment it illuminates the room with a radioactive glow you could almost read by.

Is there any way devs can implement a firmware fix for it? A toggle in the app to deactivate it would be good.

A couple of strips of electrical tape has dimmed it but it's not ideal.


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This correct, the network indicator LED is configurable as on or off. However my request is the actual LED button blue light and whether in the next software release it can be configured as on or off, even better via the schedule function.

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Totally agree with this post, bought 1 SONOFF wall switch and realize that when i off all the lights in the room that switch alone lit up so bright and my wife can't sleep because of that switch. I have to remove the SONOFF switch because of the blue power light.

I thought of changing all my wall switches but after testing 1 i will hold off first until this function comes in.

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As per Peter Clayton's post, you can turn the network LED off. Its much better now :)

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