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Sonoff POW firmware has NO power on state

I have a few Sonoff basic and just bought a new Sonof POW. There is no power on state select for Sonoff POW as there is for Sonoff basic. I want to make sure that my Sonoff POW is always on when it is powered again after a power cut. Any idea what should I do?

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I hope it will slove this big issue! 樂

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Firmware 2.0.4. just showed up for all my devices which were on 2.0.2 before.
Power on state and loop timer is now available. Problem solved!


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Uuueeeeyyy!!!...hey Bert, you're so updated bro!... congrats to you, to me, and to eveybody!... enjoy!!!... and thanks to ITEAD support for make it happen!
Thanks Bert, because of your info I've updated!... bye 2.0.2... yeeehaaww!
Great news for Sonoff Pow. But there is no option for power on state for Sonoff Pow R2. I am waiting same option for R2.

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New firmware release for Pow R2 but it fails all the time to upgrade after downloading until 90%

Please return the modes of controlling the state of the load-sensing relay to the old behavior:

Relay ON

Relay Disabled

Previously stored status (when the power is applied to the device, the relay must be in the state that was before the power loss)


In general, for such devices it is desirable to make a galvanic isolation to measure the power consumption through the current transformer. Then you can not be afraid that the device will burn .... This also applies to the built-in relay, large currents DANGER to commute those relays that are installed. Example see in my photos ....

(509 KB)
(559 KB)

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I'm using on of the POWs to control the charging station for my electric vehicle. It's not I'm switching the load with the POWs relay as the power ramps up slowly when turning on the station but after a few seconds I have 15A going through the device and it got pretty warm. I cut away the back of the plastic housing and installed a metal cooler. The heat of the shunt now gets transported away and it has helped a lot. I've contacted ITEAD support and the response was of the device gets warm reduce the power going through it. We're talking about very cheap Chinese devices to trust 16A of load passing through them. I hope nobody is burning down their house with these switches. Home automatisation is nice but it needs to be save in the first place. If we cannot trust the device to handle 16A as a permanent load and the support refuses to give you a decent answer we should probably not use them anymore.

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Hello , Bert ! 

A'm owner of EV CAR ( Nissan Leaf ) and use POW as charging meter & control . Last device (POW) burned while charge car ...... At this time use DIY control box (ESP32 + GSM modem) .... & write software for it 

Best regards ! 


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I'm thinking of using just a normal Sonoff (not POW) which then switches a proper 20A industrial contactor. In this case the Sonoff has no load other than the contactor (<1W). I can still read the kWh at the charging station, so not too much of a loss.
I usually top up the car with 6A over night which is fine for the Sonoff POW and use the 15A charging only when I'm around. The Sonoff gets pretty warm especially here in Australian summer with max load on it, so not a big fan of that...

I'm use at 10A  max power for charging .

Does the device measure the power if an external contactor is used? In theory, it measures only the current passing through it. In your case, all the load goes through an external relay ....

Bert , please for contact email : .  More info about EV car/charger/ets 

(I'm from Belarus . Minsk city ) 

Yes, you're right, the Sonoff will not show the charging power anymore. At least it is safe to operate and won't start a fire eventually. That's why I will replace it with a non-POW Sonoff.


Got a YouTube Channel about the EV, its problems, challenges and fun:

I'll text you soon. Cheers.

What the hell Sonoff? I just bought quite a few POW R2s, updated their firmware and there is no option for power on state. What that actual fudge are they thinking? Because of their patchy connectivity I can not place them at places unreachable normaly as if the power goes out and comes back and the device fails to connect to their patchy server I will have to climb and start it. That is stupid.

Also need the Power State ON option. I have POW R2, but the firmware 1.1.0

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The SonOff POW R2 has the same problem. This option is required to measure continuously the power, of for example a freezer. When there is a power loss for a few seconds, the SonOff POW R2 must reapply the power otherwise all of the products in the freezer are lost.
It was before in the SonOff POW and in the standard SonOff. They are running very fine and I was really disappointed that I can not use the newer SonOff POW R2

Thanks a lot for implementing this feature.


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