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SONOFF connection to range extender

I have a very weak wifi signal in my garage. I installed a range extender to boost the wifi, so I can use itching/self-locking switch to control my garage door. But it turned out that smart switch cannot connect to the router through the range extender. I also tried other SONOFF devices which worked the same way. But all the devices can connect directly to the router without a problem. Have anyone had the same problem and  is there a solution? 

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I had your same thought while making tests. And i did this procedure. But without luck.
I have a cheap Netgear extender that was deal of the day on Amazon once. It allows choice of extending the network with the same name and create a new SSID and extend it with different credentials. It is the only extender I have ever had, but is this a normal function of them? The Sonoff attach fine to it, although I have only ever used the create a new SSID. I have it attached to the guest network of the main router and creating a new network with a simple password I can tell guests. My phone/tablet just switch automatically. The only thing I haven’t found out is a clever way to change the password on the Sonoff…I like to periodically change the simple password for security reasons. Incidentally, extenders can change the MAC address of devices attached to it. I found this out when MAC filtering things. I still have DHCP from the main router and so can see all the devices on its webpage still. Also some of these devices have 2 MAC addresses: one to talk to phone directly and another to talk to a router.


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