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remote switch

I am retro-fitting my home, I end up using some T1 in lieu of the existing switches and sonoff basic in the lights. Why like that? because the wiring in place can not be amended and I have to compose with it. 

Well, for my living room, I then have 2 T1 to send message to my home automation hub (openhab) and the hub then control the Sonoff basic in the light as well as the other T1. As a result, if I switch on my light, I hear 3 relays commuting one beside me (the switch I am activating), one above (the Basic) and one at the other end of the room.

That sounds cheap.

I would love a product where you have actually just the switch, no relays. this could be used to extend a system and add a switch in a new location.

PS : my Sonoff are all using the Tasmota firmware so that I work with my MQTT broker.

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