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Will Sonoff Support Smartthings hub?

Hi! I am very much into home tech and smart home automation, and I want to integrate all products and solutions into a single hub, so I don't have to be using so many apps and they just simply communicate into each other.

For this reason, I use a SmartThings hub. But Sonoff does not play nice with Smarthings (could it be I am doing something wrong?). I am wondering that now that they support some Sonoff devices though IFTTT, if I am able to use them like via IFTTT through the SmartThings hub...

My question is: will Sonoff support the SmartThings hub?

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I have the same request. I also have the Smarthings hub and it works nicely with my Z-wave equipment. I recently bought some Sonoffs and they work perfectly. But, they do not connect to the Smarthings hub which makes house control a bit more "clumsy". 

I understand some folks are "hacking" the Sonoffs and downloading other software (Tasmota). Then connection to Smarthings looks to work. I would really prefer not to do this.


Hi guys. Can anyone help with info. I'm needing to control 5 on/off functions ,1 timed outside lamp and 1 momentary signal output for garage door control. So 7 outputs needed. My question is, can I link 2 X Sonoff 4 Channel Pros together? And if so, can the outputs be controlled via the ewelink? Or is there a 6 or 8 channel switch available anywhere. Thx in advance.
Hi. I also would like smartthings intergration. Please update when possible
Hi, now that zigbee devices ares supported natively on SmartThings for about 6 months it will be great that you expand support for all the WiFi line like TX switches I been using them with IFTTT but is not 100% reliable I like your products but only have a few because is so complicated to integrate them with SmartThings.
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