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WHY do we have stupid restrictions on eWeelink

eWelink says:

2. Registration problems

1)For Asian users, eWeLink only supports registration and sharing by phone number account.

2)For users outside Asia, eWeLink only supports registration and sharing by email address.

why is there these types of restrictions?

What is the LOGIC behind this?

I want to share devices with the US user who is registered via email because registration via phone number is NOT allowed.!!!!

I CAN NOT register via email because, i am in Asia and I am NOT allowed to register via email!!!!!

I CAN NOT share to the US user i get "user does NOT exists" error.

He can NOT share to my mobile number because he gets "user does NOT exist error"?

Who makes these decisions, can you please let a human to make these logical decisions?


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I agree.. this is very frustrating. I'm unable to share my devices with my employees at my business. 

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