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Firmware version 1.6.0 ???

My Sonoff basic switches updated firmware to 1.6.0 yesterday.  I have looked everywhere I can think to but didn't find a changelog anywhere.  What is new or fixed in this firmware?  Is there a list or notice somewhere?

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Hi, I was looking around on the Google play store and found a App called (plug and play). I thought I would try it to see if this could upgrade my SONOFF POW, unfortunately NO it couldn't. But running the App it seems exactly the same as the eWeLink App except it has a version number of 3.2.2 and a update of 6th March 2018 (eWeLink App version number 3.2.1 and a update of 26th January 2018) SO what's the point of this, is this just for development or a beta version, it would be nice if it had more options. and could upgrade my SONOFF POW

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Impossible connecter iPhone à Sonoff avec E-WeLink quelqu’un a t’il solution Merci
Hi, I have been trying to update the firmware of a Sonoff POW device from v2.0.2 to v2.0.4 each time I try, the update fails when It gets to 90%. If you know of a similar problem like this, can you recommend a fix. Apart from this glitch the unit seems to be functioning fine, but every time I open the eWeLink app it tells me that this device requires an update in big RED letters. Hope someone can help with a way to rectify this problem.
Per risolvere il problema devi semplicemente avvicinare il device al router
Hi, Sandro Vendramin. Thanks for responding. My Sonoff POW is less than 1 meter from my router. So I don't think that this is the problem. But thanks for your suggestion.
Micheal, try doing the update while you are about 15 feet away from the SONOF itself. I was having trouble doing updates while sitting near the switch, but when I tried from an other room it worked right away. I’ve done 4 switches that way now and it worked every time. Good luck.
Hi Marcel, I tried doing what you suggested but I still get the same results upgrade failed but thanks for your suggestion. It appears to me and this is only as observation that the actual SONOFF POW times out before the upgrade is completed but I've no way of checking this. Thanks again for your help.

After the upgrade to 1.6.0, the plug does not start up. Its dead now

Not sure if this is luck but here's my details.
I tried repeatedly over a few day to update my switch with no success.
So I tried updating another and it updated immediately. 
So I went back to trying the first one again, still no luck.
In frustration I went to another room to use the computer and Google a solution. 
I wanted try again so I could record the exact response I get when it fails.
To my surprise it worked! 
The only thing I did differently was distance from the switch.
Try it out and let me know. Walk about 15 feet away from the switch and try to update.

Now, the status says 1.5.5 is the latest version, again. But the server is obviously offline for upgrade, again...

Hey Ottawa, it's a national holiday in China from April 5 to April 8, if the server went down there is probably no one there to reboot it until April 8th.

I have the same problem

Confermo il post di Marcel, anch'io non riuscivo a fare l'upgrade del device, quando l'ho avvicinato al router l'aggiornamento è avvenuto immediatamente.

can you downgrade ? i have one with version 2 on and it doeswork but also have one with version 1.6 and works fine

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