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Open API

Best of all would be an open API to the eWeLink cloud. I could write my own application doing exactly what I need it to do, without flashing the Sonoff with custom firmware and without setting up my own cloud services. I would only need to register the device, get the API keys from the cloud and then communicate to my Sonoff devices via cloud. I know that creating such API is a lot of work, but think of all the possibilities!

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+1. This is, in fact, the best feature missing on Sonoff devices nowadays. 

Having Open API on eWeLink would increase brand loyalty!

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There's enough people thinking that an open API would be a good idea.  At the moment only eWeLink is able to use the API. I have asked but eWeLink but they wont open their API. Ideally develops would want a direct API to the devices. Come-on ITEAD/Sonoff open your API!

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