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Open API

Best of all would be an open API to the eWeLink cloud. I could write my own application doing exactly what I need it to do, without flashing the Sonoff with custom firmware and without setting up my own cloud services. I would only need to register the device, get the API keys from the cloud and then communicate to my Sonoff devices via cloud. I know that creating such API is a lot of work, but think of all the possibilities!

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+1. This is, in fact, the best feature missing on Sonoff devices nowadays. 

Having Open API on eWeLink would increase brand loyalty!

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There's enough people thinking that an open API would be a good idea.  At the moment only eWeLink is able to use the API. I have asked but eWeLink but they wont open their API. Ideally develops would want a direct API to the devices. Come-on ITEAD/Sonoff open your API!

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I suspect there must be another reason why they enforce using their app and not provide the API?

For all of who doesn-t think an OpenAPI is necessary, imagine your own interface in example a game for openning and closing devices. 

In my case I would also apreciate a sonoff device like a multimeter to measure AC or CC 100 Amps, Volts, Phe, kw, kwh,... and send them to the cloud, so I could (using the API) read data, create graphs, sum them, analyce, connect forecast wheather services, to open POW devices (in example hot water thermo, swimming pool engine....) and others, analysing generated energy from my fotovoltaic generators and the rest of consumers... 

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i also would appreciate an openAPI. this would be the best solution for me otherwise i think i need to flash my devices and don't use the ewelink cloud at all.

are there any ideas of releasing at least a part of their api for the developers?

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@Sebastian Stephan - did you read a couple of posts just above?

It would make some difference to your product set and make your customers more loyal. (Right now many like me are building automation solutions using IFTTT, which is often messy and means that the eWeLink is a component that could be replaced)


I got round to making a java api if anyone needs it

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