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Sonoff Bridge 433Mhz use cases

Just wondered what everyone here has managed to achieve with the Sonoff Bridge? Any use cases that I may have missed? Garage door? Air-conditioning?

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same question; so far, none of my 433Mhz devices are learned by the bridge... :-(

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... except of course the ones delivered by Sonoff (4 button switch, PIR alarm and door alarm)... So I wonder what else can be done with the bridge ...

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Pretty basic stuff so far. I have door sensors (Front and back door) that turn on lights when the door is opened. It also tells me when someone opens either door. 

Going to try and rig the doors so it tells me if I've forgotten to lock the back door when I go out the front - future plans.

What would be great was if they had a time on lighting when doors were opened. I'm testing a system now for work (albeit, far more expensive than Sonoff) and the rules are awesome. For example : When front door *opens* between *18.00 - 06.00* then *turn on* light for 30 seconds *after* front door closes. When back door *opens* before sunset *then* start camera 1 recording for 30 minutes *and* send push notification to Huawei phone / email to ***

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Not even a few simple 433 switches, who in first instance did pair, but after a fw update of the bridge totally refuse to do anything.


@Grant - all of that (and more) can be done using IFTTT. I've only downloaded the app so far but looks pretty good so far. I'm also going to add a sensor to a parcel box I have by the front door so I know exactly when deliveries are made. Might also hook this up to a camera and PIR sensor to record the action.

Hi Chris - I've got IFTTT - but I can''t seem to do anything 'real' on there ? 

Can I add - for example - that the door sensor only works at certain specified times?

Or a time limit for a light to be kept on ? 

Check the attached photo for a snapshot of rules in another system I have on loan

(69 KB)

I have some simple RF touch light switches (made by Sesoo) that I have paired to the RF Bridge.  I am able to switch the lights on and off using eWeLink and Google Home.
It is a pity that IFTTT does not provide control of the RF Bridge.

Hi Grant - I had a little play with the IFTTT app but like you can't seem to do anything real either. Think it requires setting up of your own IFTTT server. Could be wrong here of course.

Hi Graeme - Those Sesoo light switches look interesting. They don't require an additional Neutral. Finally! My only problem now is whether or not to replace the few LightwaveRF ones I already have with these. Hmmm. Might just have to get one to play with first.

Hi Chris - exactly the reason I chose them - they are cheap too.  I got mine from where they are only about £12.  

They work pretty well and have 2 modes for the linked RF buttons - either a single toggle button, or separate on and off buttons (or both). 

They do black or white versions, but currently no 2 way options.  

They work with the Sonoff RF Bridge and also the Broadlink RM Pro.  

If you do want 2 way options, more colours and choices, and are prepared to pay the price, then have a look at the iLumos switches from HartingtonHeath.  They also do not need a neutral wire.  I haven't tried these, but as they do work with the Broadlink according to their website, they should also work with the RF Bridge.   They is still cheaper than Lightwave RF products.

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Do Sonoff have any plans to release a RF temperature sensor? 

This would seem like next logical extension to me. I have a Sonoff TH16 with temp sensor. The main disadvantage is that it has to be wired to the device.

I'd love to be able to put separate battery controlled sensors in each of my rooms and then have these control the TH16 which is currently wired to my Central heating system.

Has anyone tried to pair a 3rd party RF temperature sensors like the below to the bridge?

I'd imagine the app would need to be updated to accommodate a different sensor type, that can provide range based information, such as temperatures.

Hi everyone - posting here with the hope that someone can help me have tried asking ITEAD Customer Care Center but have been no help what so ever... 

Ok, so I have 5 DW 1 senors and 6 PIR sensors as well as a 433 Bridge. I have added 3 of the DW1 and 1 PIR devices, which is the max I can add to the app - So I need to make up a group for all the DW1 sensors and all the PIR sensors - I know how to make up the groups but how do you add the devices to each group? 

I can be contacted at - 

Really REALLY appreciate some help with this ... thanks a lot



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