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Sonoff 433Mhz scenes + timer

A) Is it possible to add a timer to a scene? In other words, when my PIR activates a light due to movement, can I have it switch off again? B) Is it possible to add a schedule within the trigger can occur? In other words, the PIR only activates the scene between 19.00 and 6.00 when it's dark. Currently, moment anytime activates a light

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Exactly what I want, too. Looking forward for a solution. Ambient light sensor would also be nice, and possibility to combine trigger conditions (AND/OR etc.) in software. Turn light on IF sensor movement AND time is in range OR it's dark... turn light off after 10 minutes from last detection... instead of the ambient light sensor, an astronomical clock would probably be sufficient, too (but sunrise and sunset times differ greatly on different areas, in my country the difference is several hours between the north and south in the winter, so you would need latitude, longitude and time zone to make it work).

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I was looking in the same before buying. In the app there seems to be no option to activate a timer when pressing a button or after PIR detection. There seems to be only one device that can work with timers and pir. The sonoff 4ch pro. But that isn't a device you normally use as wall switch in your living room, toilet, e.d. Even in the garden you want some lights to be on until turned off and others with timer. This device can only handle the one or the other. :( So I am not buying a T1 wall switch, pir and bridge at the moment. It doesn't has the functionality I wished. Not even for the garden.


I'm trying to make a rudimentary hot tub controller. I'd like to schedule a normal heating scene and a low heat scene to run at different times of day. 

Also, the ability to disable/enable a scene so if i wanted to use the hot tub during the low heat cycle i can override it.

IFTTT Supports ewlink & Stringify

Stringify App supports timer/Date time,etc & IFTTT


So I think its possible by Using both IFTTT & Stringify App combination.


This can be done with 3 Applets combination (2 On IFTTT App & 1 On Stringify APP)


Example For your query A) Is it possible to add a timer to a scene?

Answer: Yes


Applet 1: (In IFTTT App)


If SOnoff PIR senses Motion & switch on a light, Trigger a Stringify Flow


Applet 2: (In Stringify App)


Stringify flow will Start a timer based on Applet 1 request & once the timer is completed it can Initiate another IFTTT applet (Applet 3)


Applet 3: (In IFTTT App)


Once getting the command from stringify IFTTT will trigger to switch off Sonoff ewelink/Sonoff Device (Say light in your case)


Same way for your query B) Is it possible to add a schedule within the trigger can occur? You can add date & time Stringify thing instead of the timer.



Create applet 2 on Stringify first, Then applet 1 & Applet 3 on IFTTT

Above is the idea that I adapted from Internet & it's not my own :)


Try it & let me know how it works :)

This is the functionality I'm looking for too. Is there any way to achieve this behaviour now that Stringify is dead?
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