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Homeeasy protocol for RF Bridge

Coud you please add support for HomeEasy 433 RF fixed code protocol to the RF Bridge please ? (this protocol is widely used by manufacturers like Chacon, NEXA, KlikAanKlikUit, HomeEasy, Intertechno ou Düwi.)

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I also request support for HomeEasy. This would add support for a large number of devices that are very commonly used all over Europe.


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I agree. Sonoff would probably sell many more of these if it worked with this very popular protocol here in the UK.

I'm using RFXCom kit at present, (RFxTrx433)  but would love an affordable alternative.

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Same for me . WE need IT . As it is a static code mecanism with 433.92 Miz , It is a BUG ?

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Yes indeed. Nexa and all HomeEasy -devices are really common in Europe. So please fix this. I bought the bridge mainly to control Nexas. Very disappointing to find out that it does not work. 

At least there are free and open source solutions. RFLink would be a really good device/idea with some common modules and maybe pluggable ones to make as a product for Sonoff -family. Imagine Sonoff Bridge 2 which would handle all Ikea lamps, Philps Hue, different thermostats etc... what a killer.

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I have home easy products and found that although the RF bridge did not "recognise" my simple 8 button remote control, (mine is "HE312Sv2") it DID see and recognise the signals sent from the "HE200" "wireless timer control". 

I pressed HE200 "unit" button until the control device I wanted was selected, then the RF bridge was able to see and program its buttons when I pressed the "On and Off" buttons on the HE200.   

There must be something a bit different about the signals sent by the simple remote control and the signals sent by the HE200 timer control. Perhaps something about grouping? 

The 312 groups 3 individual channels into a combined "all channel" group.

I have:



But they does not work. Home Easy -codes can be used even with the most basic HW:

So please ITEAD, tweak decoding features in the EFM88 microcontroller and make this work.

I installed a lot of Home Easy equipment a few years ago so to be able to use this to make them 'smarter would be brilliant.
I have an HE 863 Dusk-dawn sensor. I can pair it. But I cannot use it. Scenes and trigger screens mention: no devices. How ca I use this one a s a trigger? Using IOS. HE 800 series use a different protocol than earlier HE products.

This is not a "Home Easy" issue, but a limitation in the IOS version of the software. It will not allow Scenes to use the RF bridge. 

We need to pressure Sonoff to get the IOS software to be updated to match the features of the Android software, where the RF bridge can be used in scenes as you would expect. 

I discovered this in my question "#63967 Rf bridge not showing in scenes" 

The final, (and unsatisfactory), answer I got was : 

"Please contact with for help.", Ouyang replied to me with the answer "

Sorry for that.

Currently not supported the Scene for RF device, maybe it will realized in the future."

Hopefully if more people ask, they will eventually upgrade the IOS app match the features of the Android one. 

I know this is not immediately helpful, but perhaps if more people ask for the IOS app to be upgraded, it will help.

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I've currently got a home easy outdoor PIR that triggers a home easy ceiling switch for my outdoor light. After lots of faffing with the HE200 remote I can now control the light from the eWeLink app, using the Sonoff bridge. I have to have separate on/off buttons, rather than a toggle, but it's been happily working for about 6 months. (Pic attached) I'm sure that if I set the outdoor PIR as an 'alarm' device I could use it to trigger other Sonoff devices. And as for the 433 working one way but not the other, it's something to do with some devices having rolling codes, and some having fixed codes. Sonoff bridge RF switch, and remote can't learn rolling codes. I think. But bear in mind I don't quite know what I'm on about!
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