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unable to share Sonoff device between accounts on Android 4.4

Hi guys,

my scenario is:

- 2 accounts recently (in the last week) registered on smartphones in 1 city of Bulgaria. Somehow 1st one is registered by phone number, 2nd one - by email. There is no possible option to change the registration. The same latest version 3.0.0 of the eWeLink APP on both smartphones. Both phones are part of local Bulgarian gsm providers.

- master account (the one registered with phone number) wants to share device to the second account.

- the APP responds - user XXX not exists (XXX is the email used for the 2-nd account).

- Finally - unable to share Sonoff device between accounts.

Tried to uninstall/install APP again on the 2-nd device - same success. Tried to logoff/logon on both accounts several times... same success.

Both accounts are online at the same time, the network status is stable.

Can you help?

Is this a bug, or it is a feature?

Why 2 similar devices with the same APP version are registered differently?




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I experiencing the same problem. We have 2 different exisitng account in our family. My account (master) works perfectly, the other one of my family menber can loging is his phone app, but when I'm tying to share I receive the same message "user XXX not exists".

Tried several time, same result. The only thing I didn't try is to add a device from the 2nd account to check if is visible by the APP. Anyway is a bug.


Hi Mario,

in a matter of fact I fixed this few days after posting here. Sorry to say, I don't remember how :-(

It was something with versions - try to uninstall app on both devices and install the same version (from Google Play) everywhere. I kept the same accounts.

Now I can say both accounts (master and shared) works with Sonoff device as expected.

Recently (due to some mysterious reason) device status history vanished from the app, and is not updated anymore. It was nice feature for me...

Try different ways, good luck!


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