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Sonoff T1 2 or 3 gang US standard

I'd like to buy several Sonoffs T1 2 and 3 gang in US standard dimensions, Is there plan to make them?

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i have the same request and doubt, is there plans to make more sonoffs T1 with US dimentions? 

Same request


Yes, please.  

Same request. Need several 3 Gamg US Standard. Is there an available date?

I would also like to have 2,3,4 gang switches

Yes, please do this. It makes perfect sense to do this.

I posted the same request before finding this one:

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Eu Também gostaria! EUA é o mesmo modelo que no Brasil. Símbolos na vertical por favor e não acho legal o símbolo da Wi fi.
Same request. Hopefully coming out soon.
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