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SONOFF Bridge and 433Mhz Burglar Alarm pairing

I am trying to get a Response SA2 burglar alarm with 2x door sensor and 2x PIR sensor work with SONOFF Bridge. Info on the alarm here

I read a lot about it am I believe it should work, but I am not getting any signal when I try door sensor or Key fob (picture) I took it apart and from what I can see it works on fixed code. I have got SONOFF added to the network and I can control it via mobile. Can someone who understand it better just check if this should work and let me know what I might be doing wrong. I would really like to use it with my current burglar alarm rather than buy another unit. THank you. 

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just realised, the picture of the key fob is missing


Hi Marian,

Did you ever got it working.?

I have the same problem with a visonic alarm.


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