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Proposed firmware change GPIO14

I would like to have a digital input on the Sonoff Basic.  I see a lot of people asking for a good way to interface a simple digital input to turn the device on and off with a switch or other make/break action.

Since GPIO14 is pulled high and exposed on the header this would make the perfect place to implement this feature and it would not affect the standard operation of the unit.  There are alternative firmwares that do this but I would like to use the stock firmware and the eWelink app.

When GPIO14 goes from high to low, turn the relay state on.

When GPIO14 goes from low to high turn the relay state off.

If the relay is already in the specified state, simply leave it alone.

We already have a momentary contact input with the stock push button switch.  This change would give us an input that would work with a toggle switch or a sensor that  provides a continuous high or low state.

In my case I want to use a simple photocell sensor that provides a digital 1 or 0 to switch the Sonoff and have a scene that turns a bunch of outdoor lights on.  In other words use one Sonoff as a master photocell switch.

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This would be great, but could be that gpio14 just detect the change state, just like the bottom.

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Hello E W Was this implemented in the firmware already? I would like to Keep the light switches around the house, and would prefer not to have to flash the firmware.

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Hi - i am holding out and dont want to flash software. This is a simple code change that will not cost a cent to do. We dont want to flash, but need to use the devices when WIFI goes down in manual mode with the actual SONOFF basic siting in an enclosure.

As far as I know this suggestion went in ITEAD's bit bucket along with my simple request that eWeLink app show us the MAC address of each device in the info to make it easier to identify in a router's connection list.

A couple of simple, zero cost programming changes that would improve the product and in the case of the MAC address request, put it on par with other manufacturers apps.

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i have actually logged a ticket now. please do the same. no one is paying attention to the forum...

Do you have an update on this ticket? New firmware is out. Do you know if integrated this change?

At least the new version of the App shows the MAC address under settings.  No word on GPIO14.

i have to take a look...dont think GPio14 has been integrated

Please, an entry (GPIO14) that detects current yes or no. And be able to program based on that. Multiple uses: toggle switch, light sensor, movement, pir, flood ...Wonderful

Would be awesome to have this feature added!

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