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Amazon echo skill support in INDIA


The ewelink smart home fan skill is not available in INDIA, it shows geographical restriction

Please enable the skill to India echo users.

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hi ,

Its working for me in india with echo dot, in Amazon Alexa app,

 Skills is use "eWelink Smart HomeFan " option to complete adding sonoff switches skills. 


"Blackstone" option to complete adding skills.

After adding skills wait for 2 mins .

goto alexa app Smarthome>Devices and start discovery to add all sonoff devices. 

Note: use ewelink app to add sonoff to your account first and rename the switches as per your requirements before you add them to alexa.

if you rename your device later you will need to rediscover the switches again in alexa app to work with new named switches.

also internet is required to have them working during adding skills 

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NO, they are geographically restricted to India

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Yup, I bought a second  alexa Echo from and and the skill stopped working!  Please help

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I have the ewelink smart home fan enabled from before but I cannot disable it nor can I use it.  Please help!

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Though some of you have managed to add ewelink skills to alexa, it can be done only if you your amazon account is with (not I request itead to take a lead in this and resolve the issue for India users of Alexa. By not adding these skills to alexa, other companies like Philips is getting benefitted because their product work very well. I have now a few sonoff basic switches, which work well with ewelink application, but unable to add to alexa. Please put in some urgent efforts. Thanks in advance.

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Please bring the ewelink alexa skill in India. There are lot many who want to use your product because of easy configuration, price and support with Alexa. You are missing out on huge market!

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Cheers to itead. Ewelink smart home skills now available in India. The sonoff switch is working with Alexa A big thank you to ewelink and itead and alexa

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Hi all, now ewelink skill is enabled for India. Enjoy.

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It is available on IOS as well and working flawlessly, tried it with all sonoff models installed in house.

Thank you Itead Team for the Swift Action! Now I am waiting for Broadlink to do the same for the remote control.  sigh!

Its not working with the eWeLink Smart home app. Alexa app on my andriod gives me a - Discovery failed - error.

I have logged in from my Amazon account and registered the eWeLink skill using this account Still no luck.

Please help.


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