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RF Bridge 433 sensors

Hi, I have a suggestion for the RF bridge. Currently the alarm sensor triggers are not very useful, because: 1: you receive alarms when walking around the house normally 2: you cannot trigger any other action with them (eg activating lights or cameras) Essentially the bridge is only bridging one way, ie it makes 433 MHz devices controllable through the app, but it could be so much more by going the other way around. It would be useful if you could do these things when the bridge receives a learned command: 1. Activate any scene or switch (so a 433 mhz sensor or remote can control a WiFi device or a group of devices) 2. Make calls to external systems (eg a REST API) for more advanced integrations. This could be a local system via MQTT, IFTTT, etc etc. Of course, if integrating services such as IFTTT it also makes sense to integrate the other way around, ie allow external systems to trigger Sonoff scenes and devices. Thanks Andy

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I need the alarm can trigger another sonoff device.

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I have seen that now an alarm can launch a scene, and activate other devices, but an RF remote control with 1, 2,3,4 buttons can not be selected to activate a scene and it could be useful, I have registered the buttons of an RF remote control but as an alarm (not liker a Remote RF), and I can create a scene that opens the two doors of the garage and turn on a light, but doing so I need a 433 brigge to control a single RF remote of 4 buttons, it would be important to modify the application so that use RF remote of 4 buttons or curtains, to activate scenes, not only with alarms, and modify or modify the aplication to can add 16 Alarm in a single RF 433 brigge, in this way we can activate any sonoff devices with RF remote, not only activate RF devices by wifi,   

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Similar to the last comment: Is there a way to either increase the number of alarms in software? Alternatively, upgrading the eWelink app so buttons can trigger scenes would work... I'm trying to install a DW1 sensor on every door & window in my living room (17 in total) to trigger AC's off and fans on. Right now, I would need 5 RF Bridges, which is impractical. RF Bridge's Mqtt firmware can control 16 triggers with a single bridge. I'm holding buying more DW1 until I find another bridge or the bridge is updated.

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Yeah would also like to second this as this feature is essential for the bridge, strange how when creating a scene that a trigger can be the bridge or a TH10 etc but I can only execute to the bridge and not control the TH10. Also more logic conditions in the scene would be great I. E. IF, And, Then statements

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Would be great if developers add the "delay" feature in scene constructing interface. Example: A motion sensor triggers RF Bridge via 433MHz -> Bridge turns on the light -> Delay for X seconds -> Bridge turns off the light. If someone is still in the room and a motion sensor triggers again and again (before delay finished) the cycle starts from the beginning each time.

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how use scene with rfbridge and alarms ? I only see switch in my scene options on app !!

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Turn ON the option "alarm" inside your rf bridge settings menu. (Ewelink)


done, but no push notification sent (but recent alarm goes) e no rfbridge or alarm in scene !

Hi Saverio, i have the same problem... have you solved it?

I folks....I have the same problem, and in IOS I don't have the sensors history ....

Same problem, iOS iphone 6s, RF bridge and I cannot see any RF device in scene.. Why?

And when some of device under RF is setup like alarm .. etc. Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Alarm 3 .. I cant see mesage which Alearm was sending alarm.. Only  RF main bridge " Alarm"...

Not good...

(49.8 KB)
(92.5 KB)
(89.8 KB)

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alarm in scene only on android app, not on iOS until now

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In have my first 2 alarm sensors and they are quite easy to install. I just wonder how useful these alarms are: yes, you can switch something on. But what is the use if you can not automatically switch off again? We really need to have an auto off scene function after a couple of minutes. Another challenge is that there is no way to use them as a true alarm. What if you could switch on an alarm function and only get alarm messages if the alarm function is enabled. Maybe an integration with IFTTT for the bridge alarm would open up some more possibilities but up until now it all is nice stuff to play with but not very useful for ho e automation. With all devices I miss the ability for advanced ifttt features that include AND or OR statements. I have a Sonoff SC but besides the fact that none of the sensors are acuurate not having advanced IFTTT features makes the device useles. But he.... I knew this when I bought the device so I should not complain about it. Let's start with some good alarm functions. Do I like the Sonoff devices? Yes. They are cheap and easy to install. I just hope they will enhance the features of ewelink and ifttt soon.

I dont understand why I cannot use scenes with iOS .... ?

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