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Sonoff Skills for India Echo Dot Alexa users


I am an Amazon India user and have starting using echo dot from last 2 days. have just ordered for Sonoff  wi fi switches online . I do not see an option to add Alexa skills for Sonoff for India users. While it is available for other countries like US.

When do you plan to make it available for users in India as we have lot of folks who are using and planning to start using the same. Without the availability of skill for India users we would be unable to use the product properly . Also India is a huge market and opportunity for Sonoff to get into.

Let me know as me and my group of users are waiting eagerly for your response and support on this. Post which many more folks would look at switching to your products here in India.



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Fantastic product. I purchased few of them from Entesla Direct India. Got a better deal than Amazon and Ebay. Works great with Ewelink App (After struggle of getting OTP). Unfortunately the APP did not list in my Alexa Skills. Few friends of mine somehow got it working with their Alexa. Apparently it is a waiting game as the many skills are missing in the store. Amazon is rolling them out one after the other. The SONOFF skill should be available in a few days I think. Atleast I am hopeful about it. Either ways, SONOFF is a fantastic device and highly recommended.

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+1. I am waiting for it too.

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I’m also waiting.i see a lot of potential with this product. I wish if you can also give IFTTT support as well.

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Yess please, I am waiting for the skill too.

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hi ,

Its working for me in india with echo dot, in Amazon Alexa app,

 Skills is use "eWelink Smart HomeFan " option to complete adding sonoff switches skills. 


"Blackstone" option to complete adding skills.

After adding skills wait for 2 mins .

goto alexa app Smarthome>Devices and start discovery to add all sonoff devices. 

Note: use ewelink app to add sonoff to your account first and rename the switches as per your requirements before you add them to alexa.

if you rename your device later you will need to rediscover the switches again in alexa app to work with new named switches.

also internet is required to have them working during adding skills 

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NO, they are geographically restricted to India

I wish it had IFTTT support.

Yes, the India version does not have eWeLink skills.  ITead please make it available at the earliest.  I have bought 2 4Ch and now they lay idle without Alexa...

+1 for making it available in Indian skills store. Also how hard is it to port from US store to India except for the Language part? Looking forward to using the switches I have ordered.

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+1 for making it available in India, I also ordered 3 switches to use along with Alexa.  Please make it available as quick possible.

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Hi, It's workings fine for me , I have 3 sonoff devices. I have amazon prime account in India. Alexa recognises devices and operates them perfectly with voice commands. But no luck with Google home device. Have a nice day
Hi Mrutyunjay, Its not available in India, please check screenshot Did you changed your language to English US ?

hi , 

my alexa app settings are localised to 

Location: India, 

Timezone : Asia,Kolkata, 

language : English(India).

Today tried both skills ewelink smartfan and Blackstone, on both skills I could link my ewelink account to alexa , and alexa listed all my switches correctly, it showed duplicate devices of same name as I had enabled both skills  "ewelink smart fan " and "blackstone"

so I have now deleted ewelink skill and have blackstone skill, works perfectly same as earlier

Did any of you  try usa vpn on phone , just to check  with TurboVPN with usa server.

Note: the echo device is a US purchased one gift from a friend.   

I got a reply on my ticket that Itead is working on getting in the India Skill store. They are in process to submit it. It should be able soon and it wont take long.

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