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Control Sonoff socket with web interface instead of app?

I have a Sonoff remote control power socket, and find that the eWeLink app drains my phone's battery very quickly. Is there a way of controlling the socket over the internet using a web GUI instead of the eWeLink app?

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It's a matter of how much you need it. I have two Sonoffs that I control *occasionally* with my smart phone, but I want to have the OPTION of controlling them over the web instead, such that I might actually do that once a year. In that case, $10/year is highway robbery. I can think of lots better things to spend $10 a year on. For others, the choice may be quite different. 

I really think this is a great opportunity for an ad-driven service. If I want to switch my Sonoff on the web, I don't mind glancing at an ad for mattress as I do.

Haha EW, so funny. Tried to purchase the upgrade now. No luck. This PayPal only option is not an option haha. Will give it another go later. 

If anyone is interested... I recently updated my dusk to dawn script and also included an updated version of my weblinks script referenced earlier in this thread.  I have been using both for a few years now to control my outdoor lights and other things.  Requires a web server with PHP.   Enjoy.

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