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So off network unavailable then control by lan

hi, my sonoff which was successfully paired with ewelink and was working for few hours, then its shows network unavailable and when we try to turn on sonoff by app it changed to Control by Lan. I did all the troubleshooting like using another mobile as hotspot and stuff.. it was working perfectly for few hours and this happened. If its a issue from your server side please fix it.

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I see partially my devices but commands are not working! I can’t turn the damn lights off!! This is really annoying.

Working again but no connection to IFTTT

Ewelink servers are always a bit dodgy. I think they need to spool up a few more resources. Not sure if its bandwidth or processing they are a bit short of.

since purchasing many ITEAD units I find the design very good, but the units unreliable to the point where they are unusable. Would not have purchased them if I had realised. always going off  line. unable to link to google home. sometimes will not switch off. This is not an issue with my network as other units from different manufacturers work find ( ie broadlink )

very concerned about the future of these products


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today and yesterday  I have the same problem. App says "Network unavailable", but its not an internet connection problem, because I can see all other devices like (google home, amazon and apple tv) the problem with the app connection with the server. please advice when it will be fixed.

I have the same problem, as a user I don't have an idea...

Same problem here and they are unable to resolve despite several messages and emails

Hai paura di rimanere col tuo Sonoff senza internet e non poter accendere e spegnere i tuoi dispositivi ? Scopri come fare con la modalità LAN grazie alla mia guida completa.

Sonoff senza internet: modalità LAN guida completa

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