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So off network unavailable then control by lan

hi, my sonoff which was successfully paired with ewelink and was working for few hours, then its shows network unavailable and when we try to turn on sonoff by app it changed to Control by Lan. I did all the troubleshooting like using another mobile as hotspot and stuff.. it was working perfectly for few hours and this happened. If its a issue from your server side please fix it.

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Same here... Server offline for many hours. How about telling your customers what is going on?

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New device update has been released 1.6.1. is still working.

I cannot see availability for new update. But servers has started working. Question is how long... again.

i have teh same problem....

it seems that if unistall the app....e reinstall work....

the same process yesterday.....

After removing and adding the device, the firmware shows 1.6.1

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OMG LAN control immediately!!!

After several days offline now servers up and running here from Italy. Hope will last...

Mine is more down than up...I give it a couple of days and then I start ordering new devices.

I have also cheap ass Magic Home devices - never had an outage there. So it shouldnt be too hard

Offline again 

server down...

please give here update which we can upload manualy at the local network to give the ability to manage our devices at home localy

Slovakia online
It is now working (30 minutes) in Portugal
... and... down again!
It is down again!! I just turn all the backyard on and now I can’t turn it off!!
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