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Sonoff th16 or th10 decimal number

Hello everyone İm using th16 with my boiler. İ See and set Only integral number on app. İ want set the temperature eg 22.4 or 22.7... It is more useful in this way. Can you add decimal temperature function. İ think you can change the firmware and decimal number will be. Please add decimal temperature number. Thanks

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Please do it!

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Add decimal please!!!!

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Decimal please, or I will be forced to install other software on your devices;(

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Awesome, just upgraded my th16, and with 3.4.0 firmware, it has been added and it works:D:D:D:D

thank you!

@Bart Only showing decimal. Not set. Actually set be decimal but its not real. can you check
Heater started after temp went below 21 it was 20.9 but on the up side - it did not switched off over 22 ,eg 22.1 as specified. Will continue to monitor.
I can also confirm that the latest update 3.4.0 does indeed cure this problem, nice to know that they take notice and action. Hopefully they will tackle the temperature not working with the timer or scheduling soon, as this is a major problem. Thank you.

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Although it shows a decimal point, it doesn't turn on, so it doesn't work anyway. It always turns on by integers.

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Yeah we are half the way
For me is working with decimal after a reset. But now i have another problem the decimal setting it works only with the TH relay but in scene mode i can't set the temperature with decimal places.

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So it seems that they must update the app

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Just few days ago upgrading the firmware I was really happy about this new feature but app seems does not work properly I'm using the th as thermostat and the decimal are mandatory to use it successfully. I'm waiting an app upgrade otherwise I shall move to shelly 1 and I don't want because I have several sonoff currently in use.
Same bad experience for meb:(
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