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Sonoff 4ch pro problem

I installed sonoff 4ch pro to control an irrigation system at home, that works with four 24v AC - solenoid valves. So this way I can set the timer for this system and control it by wifi. I followed the instructions and set it to self locking mode, and at the beginning it was working properly. But the problem is that there is one channel that selfs activate all the time, so I had to disconnect that relay otherwise my garden was flooded!!!! I need the four channels working properly, what can I do to solve this problem??

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On the 4ch pro R3 is no S5 button to clear. How do you reset the rf channel???? My channel 4 is like many on this forum were it just automatically turns on.
I have now discovered that if I press a button when the blue light flashes it turns on or off that Chanel. Still can't reset it or get it on wifi
Same problem here, I have four 4ch pro R2 devices doing the same switching by then selves and they don't have S5 button, it's a major problem to such a wonderful device
I have a sprinkler system that works well with a Sonoff 4ch R3 with a stepdown converter from 240v to 24v but I'd like to avoid buying more stepdowns, as they are expensive and I'd like to add 2 more areas. If I were to connect the R3 with a 23v dc adapter can I connect the solinoid valves directly to the R3? What valves would I need to buy? I think most run off 24vac but I see 9v solinoid watering valves are available.

 @Nicholas Slater. Cheaper to get a 4CH PRO R3 as this comes with 4 relays that work with 24AC. The normal 4CH R3 only has 240v outputs and no relays.

@Hilton Ralphs Are you saying I can connect the solenoid valves directly to the 4CH PRO R3? 

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 @Nicholas Slater. Correct. The output on the Pro version are just relays (switches) so you can just connect the live/red wire of your 24v AC solenoid power supply the first COM terminal and then bridged across to the other three COM terminals. From each NO terminal you run a live/red wire to each solenoid and from the 24v AC power supply you run a black/neutral wire to each solenoid valve. Timer just closes the NO terminal resulting in power from the 24v AC solenoid power supply reaching the valves. You need to run AC to the 4Ch Pro though but this has nothing to do with the relays.

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@Hilton Ralphs Awesome man I had not thought of doing it like this. I found a post about this after you had mentioned it

I have both a step down converter (240V to 24V) that can be used as the input to the Sonoff, and a 4CH Pro R3 so I'll give this a go for my 3 solenoid valves and post back. 

Thanks again :) 

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