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Sonoff 4ch pro problem

I installed sonoff 4ch pro to control an irrigation system at home, that works with four 24v AC - solenoid valves. So this way I can set the timer for this system and control it by wifi. I followed the instructions and set it to self locking mode, and at the beginning it was working properly. But the problem is that there is one channel that selfs activate all the time, so I had to disconnect that relay otherwise my garden was flooded!!!! I need the four channels working properly, what can I do to solve this problem??

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My sonoff 4ch pro have similar issue on channel 1 during the night same hour auto activate.. i have no timer settings... my wifi is off during the night

I have 4 Sonoff 4CG PRO and one of it randomcally tun on the same channel.

Is there a way to debug who is opening that chanel or a way to solve it? I delete all integration ( IFTTT, Google Home,...)

Try to reset all the 4ch for the remote control it will solve

How can I reset the device? I have not an RF Remote Control

Can anyone help me with the wiring of a Sonoff 4ch pro to your sprinklers. I have 2 zones
I gadget the dame problem above with my sonoff 4ch pro R2. The Channel 4 turn On randomly. I nave no remote controller, Onlus the app on my phone Please any suggestioni Is usefull!!
I have the same issue. Funny thing with device is that it auto pairs with any nearby 433mhz remote signal. In my case it was the security alarm movement sensor. If you don't have any 433 movement sensor or remote then it might be from neighbours. Now the way to resolve the issue for the time being is that you have to pair a 433 remote with it or to wipe off RF remote settings by long press s5 inside the body. Hope that helps. Cheers.

I have a sonoff 4ch pro that activates on its own, can someone help me solve the problem?


I have contacted the support, and they suggested to clear the RF code.

I have done the same now its working perfectly without any issues.

if you are having same issue the please do the below procedure , definitely it will works !!!

1) Remove Electrical power ( Both AC & DC )

2) Open the lid ( Open the device )

3) Find out the  S5 button located on PCB board ( Refer url - )

4) Connect Input power either AC / DC

5) Press the S5 button till 4 led showing green light.

6) Now you can Close the device and connect the wiring properly.

Hello sir my sonoff box button not working please help
Hello, how are you, I am having a problem with the sonoff 4ch pro, that channel 1 is activated by itself and the device turns on, does anyone know how to solve it? I have already updated it and also reinstalled ewelink on my phone. thank you

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I have exactly the same problem  with 2 devices 4ch pro R3

Channel 1 is continuously on and off on device 1 and channel 1 and 3 are  continuously on and off on device 2 . Each device  has a life of its own.

The log shows that it is turned on and off randomly by the device.

On the 4ch pro R3 is no S5 button to clear.
Thanks for helping me out here.

My sonoff 4ch pro r2 works for few hits and stops. This happens with all 4 channels either pressed or by remote. Tried to connect to Wi-Fi with no success. Tried everything such as disabling Wi-Fi security. This is the second device I have. The other one simply stopped completely.
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