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Sonoff 4ch pro problem

I installed sonoff 4ch pro to control an irrigation system at home, that works with four 24v AC - solenoid valves. So this way I can set the timer for this system and control it by wifi. I followed the instructions and set it to self locking mode, and at the beginning it was working properly. But the problem is that there is one channel that selfs activate all the time, so I had to disconnect that relay otherwise my garden was flooded!!!! I need the four channels working properly, what can I do to solve this problem??

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I have exactly the same problem as you with a 4ch pro.

Channel 4 is continuously on and off. It has a life of its own.

The log shows that it is turned on and off randomly by the device.

Can it be a software problem?

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 I changed the adsl router, keeping the old parameters on the new one. I turned off the old router. The 4ch pro sonoff no longer connects, even erasing it and re-adding it via ewelink and iphone. A dual sonoff instead connects well, as well as a smart power plug xsource. Restoring the old router all works well. Some idea? Is a hard reset possible? Thank you

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Hi Giancarlo!

No hard reset is possible. I advice you to relink your 4ch pro by pressing any button for 5 seconds and following the e-welink registration process.

Best regards.

Perfect works! My mistake was to repeat the configuration from scratch as if it were new, connecting to its ITEAD wifi network from iphone and follow the procedure from the ewelink app.
Thanks again José, ciao!


Hi, Same problem here. CH 4 toggle randomly. It se ems the switch 4 activate It, maybe a problem on the STM32 micro. Is there any upgrade/patch for It?
Try to plug a dc adaptor instead of dc. For me it worked. Best regards

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JOSE R. ALVAREZ said a few seconds ago Ok, Till now i have only tested with a 12Vdc-1.5A adapter. I'll give a try using mains (on mains terminals, of course). Thanks
I've powered it from mains, but ch4 activates randomly the same as powering from DC adapter.
I'll ask on the bug report subforum.


Hi again,
I opened a ticket and now it's solved.

They suggested to clean the remote pairing (RF):

method 1: just pairing channel 4 to your remote.

method 2: Open the shell and press inner button S5 until  all LED blinking.

I've used method 2 because i dont have any RF remote.

When pressed the button S5 all led turned on, after some second all turned on.

Now it works.


Great!, another trick to this amazing device.

Best regards.


I have ordered 4 ch pro few back. I have set it up in self locking mode as per the instructions. I am unable to setup wifi and all 4 physical buttons are working as they are glowing when i press them. But the problem is i am not getting any output current from any of the 4 channels. I have tried with both AC and dc but no use. Any solution for this?



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I have the same problem as Nurul Ameen Mohammed did (14 days ago and just above this entry). 

Is this because you have to supply mains power to the center pin of each relay set? 

Since I am at least the second person with this problem, it might be a good candidate for the FAQ.



What do you guys use to cut the voltage down to 24v thanks.

I also have an issue with the pro....   My symptoms are very similar to above comments.  Web app seems to work ok, but Alexa will only change state of channel 4 one time regardless of which channel is specified on Alexa.  Very disappointing.    Does anyone have Alexa control working?  If so, which rev of firmware is on the working unit?  Thanks.


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