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Linking problems & solution between google Home, Google Assistant & Sonoff devices

I had all sorts of problems with getting Google Home to work with Google Assistant to work with my Sonoff devices ( to switch lights). I got it working twice before it stopped again after I tried to add more devices. I had to unlink and relink extra devices and it stopped linking altogether. In the end I rebooted the WiFi router and everything started working again. I noticed the Google device named reset back to what I called then in the asonoff App. I just renamed them so I could control them through Google Home.

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Same here, My sonoff G1 works great on ewelink. But when i link my sonoff on Google assistant on my Iphone, the app backs to first screen with blue plus.  I can´t choose the device model. 

Hi Ulisses Honor  

I can see from the G1 sonoff that works well with you on the ewelink. can  you write here from what country and operator  use ,  because many people have a problem with these modules and it does not work and ewelink nothing to do with it.


best regards


today many problems with google home. First google home couldn't switch on and off ewe link devices. Than when I unlinked them they couldn't be linked again. Is there an issue?

Hi, I'm using google house. I have added my EWelink account before. Now I can not add my account back to the google homepage. Immediately after the link added message I get a message that there is a problem and when I check it I see that it has not been added to ewelink devices. Is Turkey I have also caused it? What should I do? Thank you.

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Same here in France 

Ok with App ewelink but not with google home !

@Tayfun did you got it again to work? I have exactly the same problem. I deleted , Google home, google ,assistant and ewelink app. Factory resetted all my devices, also all google home devices. I deleted my house in google home but still nothing... Look at this bid i made.

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Mark ter Grote

Same problem here for me, Brazil and using a redmi note 7

Hello . I have a 3 gang Sonoff switch. The first and third channels works with Google Assistant. The second channels doesn't work with Google Assistant. It says something like "It's seems like the device is not configured yet". This switch works fine with the ewelink app.. Any idea what can be the problem. Thanks.
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