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Sonoff Dual won't go to pairing mode

Dear support,

I've opened the ticket #59573 a week ago and no response so far.

The item is not working and I'm realyy surprised there is nobody in your company who can respond.


My problem:

The Sonof Dual doesn't want to go to pairing mode. The blue led slowly blinks one time and repeats. When I press the button for seven seconds (or more) the blue led still blinks one time and repeates (no change). I'm not able to pait the device and not able to use the device at all.

Please respond to ticket #59573



Looks like defective item. Discussion with ITEAD how to resolve it.

Am having same issue. Did you manage to resolve it?

I have the same problem. I have a lot of dual r2 and the blue led flashes once every 40 seconds. if I restart the sonoff the blue led is on during more seconds of a normal start.

any idea of the problem?

some CH4 pro have the same problem... wow! I can't understand this problem...

Guys, my sonoff have the same problem!

I'm with the same firmware that cames from out of the box. Every try that i made to update it, once it goes 90% it failed, so it was with an old firmware.

I paid for it and now it don't work...

The problems which i am facing with new SONOFF dual R2 10/16Amps device:

1. Blue LED is blinking slowly for every 28 seconds which was not earlier,

2. Unable to pair the said device with wifi network,

3. Even-though the push button is pressed for 7 seconds there is no change in the problem as stated in sl no-1


It is regretted to say that the above device is not working and causing problem for the need of purchase. Hence kindly do the needful at the earliest and awaiting for your response to make me happy customer.

I have 4ch pro when I start blue light comes for 5 second than goes off and channel 2 start than no button work stuck on it any soloution
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