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Sonoff Wall Touch for installations with NO N LINE

First of all, I have a couple of Sonoff RF- WiFi and so far so good. 

I love the products, and willing to expand them with wall switchs, but my problem is the infamous NO N LINE problem. Al over EU you can find the same issue.

Rewiring is out of the questions, so is going ITEAD to come up with a product to solve it.

I have seen that other companies have products that will suit me, but I would like to keep everything in the same environment.

I don't know if this could be a huge problem in your current architecture, and I understand that adding new likes is always a problem and that there is a cost/benefit situation always involved. I am sure you are aware of the market you might find in EU and other areas for this devices.

A quick question, will you come up with a solution to this? Should I wait?

An straight answer from ITEAD will be great.

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