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If the Internet is lost..

The Internet in the WiFi network where the sonoff devices are located has disappeared, after the Internet connection of the device is offline, after rebooting sonoff, everything works. Tell me how to fix it? Version 2.0.4

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I have similar problem with Sonoff T1 2C, Firmware 2.6.0

If I lost internet connection but WiFi remains on, then I loss connection to server and when internet connection restores switch remains offline (blue light blinking which means no internet connection). Only helpful off/on power breaker to Sonoff switch (but not wifi and internet, because they are on UPS).

Also I have Sonoff RFBridge (2.6.0) which have no problem on same issue.

Hai paura di rimanere col tuo Sonoff senza internet e non poter accendere e spegnere i tuoi dispositivi ? Scopri come fare con la modalità LAN grazie alla mia guida completa.


Sonoff senza internet: modalità LAN guida completa

Hello dear ITEAD team !

I am doing a research at the Internet for the home automation stuff and I found SONOFF one the most comprehensive products and features when out of the dedicated and expensive automation systems. I found SONOFF with a large deployments around the world.

SONOFF products fits very well for me to control my entire home with dozen of products.

One think that I found and is blocker for me and a lot of other users as the solution only works in a full mode if the connection with the Internet is present, without Internet connection the most of the control is lost where this is not acceptable for a full home deployment.

is this feature already implemented or in roadmap ? I understand that this can be caused due a lack of a "Coordinator" in the network such as Zigbee works and to have all features in a simple device could be hard. Well, if this is the limitation I think you guys could could release a "coordinator" to have this installed inside the home doing this role or add in some already device. I think the solution will be much more complete and will get much more customers, SONOFF will be pretty much unbeatable.


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