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Alexa Skill for Sonoff TH

I have a Sonoff TH10 which I can turn on and off with the Alexa skills but I was hoping to be able to ask for the temperature and humidity reading also. I can oonly read on the App. Is this available or could it be added to the skills soon? Thanks for the great products!

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+1 ! I need to be able to control the temperature of th10 with Alexa please.


Following for this feature too :-)

Will be great to have it.

This is a miss function the world will love/

Says "DEFERRED" next to the feature proposal. This would be awesome and I would like to hear why it is not implemented. :(

we need this !

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+1 this needs to happen!


Why is this not a thing come on!

TH10/16 is advertised as temperature/humidity monitoring but even in the push messages temperature is not shown. Integration of ALEXA is outpointed as a great feature but you can't ask ALEXA for the current values of temperature/humidity. To read the values from the TH10/16 isn't a problem obviously as it is shown in eWelink. So why we are waiting that long for a solution of a minor feature but big request from the customers?? Maybe one day (when covid is gone already) we'll get an answer on this request.

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hi.... any news about this from sonoff ?... ask alexa the temp and humidity would be great.

Is there a will from Sonoff to add the functionality to have the temperature of a TH10 or Th16 on Alexa? Should I forget this and change my TH16 for other devices if I have this need ?

Hola. Quiero tener información de temperatura y humedad en Google Home o en Alexa, de dispositivos Sonoff TH16. ¿Es posible?. Puedo preguntar: ¿Alexa cuál es la temperatura en el dispositivo XX? Utilizo en mi casa 2 sistemas, Sonoff (ewelink) y Home + control de Legrand, con Legrand si puedo leer en Google Home o Alexa valores de temperatura y hacer rutinas.
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