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Alexa Skill for Sonoff TH

I have a Sonoff TH10 which I can turn on and off with the Alexa skills but I was hoping to be able to ask for the temperature and humidity reading also. I can oonly read on the App. Is this available or could it be added to the skills soon? Thanks for the great products!

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Hello Team. Could you please let me when we would have ewelink skill available in India for Alexa? Is there any ETA? Its been long now you said the ewelink skill would be available to India. I would wait for your response. Thanks and regards, Sandeep

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 Hi! I also have the same concern! Will you add this option to ewelink? It would be very useful to be able to control not only the on-off function, but also to set the temperature and to hear Alexa telling you the current temp. For now the Alexa App recognizes the TH module as "Lights".

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The only reason I bought a TH10 was to be able ask Alexa the temperature and humidity of the unit and looks liek it dosn't suport this. I don't even want the sensor for control.   

So please implement this if it is possible.  

Its great to be able to ask Alexa the temperature of my hive  thermostat. I was hoping to add TH10's into other rooms so I could ask Alexa the temperature.

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yes, I would also need the temperature gauge in Alexa. So bought Sonoff. Please install it. Many Thanks

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Yes plz add temperature and humidity feature for Alexa... it will give a huge market for the TH models and more people will buy it ... high potential for good score

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Any news on this? I am about to buy a couple of TH10/TH16 unit and I want to ask Alexa / Google home the temperature in each room. I don't only want switching. There is also a Reddit post where people are asking the same. Someone said you must flash some firmware.

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Does anyone at itead read these tickets?  This is two years old and no response at all.  I have dropped my rating on Amazon due to lack of this feature (what good is advertising "Alexa support" for the TH10/16 when the only feature is switching?  Switching via Alexa is available on the far cheaper Sonoff 'Basic').

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Fran Nonofyour

Absolutely agree with you!!!


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There must be some technical reason they can't provide this feature or more likeley the would have to pay a lot of money to Amazon to provide this feature.  The hive thermostat does this.

Its a pity as there is still a cheap smart wifi device which is Alexa compatible to read the temperate or humidity out to you.


Thanks for the support - maybe if we keep this thread near the top of the discussion board there will be a better chance of an itead product/engineering response.

I've done a little work w/ AVS:  Companies don't pay Amazon for AWS / AVS (Alexa Voice Services) on the content/features of the skill, they pay by the number of queries and/or the amount of compute resources (CPU, Memory, bandwidth up/down) needed to host the skill.

I think it is a "technical issue" but one that is likely solvable even with the existing Sonoff hardware (I say "likely" because I can't know for sure if the hardware actually has accessbile read registers for device state).  But itead would have to host a 'query' function in firmware that could RETRIEVE, not just SET, device state.  With the current Sonoff hardware I have (some 'Basic' switch modules, relay boards and now the TH16), Alexa will not return the state of a swtich (on/off), it can only SET it.  What would be really handy across all devices is to be able to query for ANY state (including temperature) to then use that state to trigger Alexa routines.

And I know querying is supported through AVS because you can query thermostats for the current house temperature (not just the set point) and for Smartthings multi-purpose sensor (i.e., I can ask if the sensor is open or closed)

And I recently bought a garage door opener / sensor that is obviously itead firmware,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52  

It has the ability to sense the open/close sensor and 'push' that status back to Alexa - so the interface is obviously two-way, just need a query function for the temperature!  Can't be hard!

Would be good to have any information plan about this feature. Thank you
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