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SonOff rf forgets paired remote after power failure

Hi, My sonoff rf works great, pairing with the remote is a breeze. Recently I had several power failures and I found that each unit (3 at the moment) "forgets" the paired remote and I have to repeat the pairing process each time. 2 of the units are not easy to reach and I wonder if there is any way to overcome this obstacle. Version number is 1.5.5 (latest). And i don't remember having this trouble before the software upgrade. Thanks, Benjamin

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Hi Pavlos, I'm sorry but I don't remember what I did to solve this issue. Did you try a firmware upgrade? 

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I do have the same problem. My sonoff RF after power failure losses its connection with the remote conttol. It is really annoying as I have to re-connect it evey time. Any help is welcome!
Hi Benny, yes I have installed the latest available firmware version 3.5.0 but no firmware upgrade helps. After power failure i need to remount it with the control. Do you think a new one will work and mine is defective?
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