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Enable firmware upgrade using local file from eWeLink App

Since all ITEAD Sonoff devices are advertised (and indeed are) hackable and DIY friendly it will be excellent if possible to enable flashing the firmware using the already available OTA functionality that eWeLink App already uses. Just enable a second option instead of looking for an update somewhere on ITEAD servers - the user to select a local binary file (e.g. Tasmota)...

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Agree. Not all of us have the time and skill to flash all our devices. It is unfortunate that some functionality we need are offered by other brands. And it is a pain to integrate things together.

If you can use tasmota, you can do this right now. See for details. See for devices that are known to work.

I've personally tried it on Sonoff basic and S20 devices.


@mrpraline thanks for the info! I already tired SonOTA and works perfectly. I already successfully flashed the Sonoff Basic, Dual, Touch and 4CH Pro using this project. Both projects (Tasmota and SonOTA) are an excellent example of the open source community benefits.     

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