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Sonoff 4CH does not broadcast WiFi network name (SSID) in pairing mode

When in pairing mode the Sonoff 4CH switch (also the B1 bulb) is not broadcasting the WiFi name (i.e. ITEAD-XXXXX) as in other Sonoff devices. This prevents the use of the elegant no-soldering firmware OTA update like SonOTA.

Is it possible to provide the information about the hidden SSID and password the eWeLink App uses to connect (pair) to those devices (assuming hidden SSID is used)? 

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The same problem here with Sonoff 4CH PRO ver. 1.1 2017-5-9. I tried several wifi clients and no one can detect wifi broadcasted by Sonoff 4CH PRO.

Hi there! I just wanted to share that I managed to put my Sonoff 4CH Pro in pairing mode with SSID broadcast. 

Just follow this short howto:

Great, but does that also work for B1 Smart Bulb?

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