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Sonoff Slampher WiFi Smart Light Bulb Holder auto-on

Hi I received yesterday a Sonoff Slampher WiFi Smart Light Bulb Holder.

I succesfully installed it and paired it with the latest (3.0.0) eWeLink Android app. I have not paired any RF controller with it. I have the following problem: The device auto switches to on every minute by iteself. On the history on the app it shows "State:On, Time:x, Source:Device". I tried multiple times to delete and pair it again with no result. I even turn on the loop timer in order to switch it off every 5 minutes. It keeps on auto-switches to on state (if it is off) every minute.

Anyone having the same problem? Any feedback?


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I posted the screenshots in previous page: the one that works is called 'RF R2'.
The one that does NOT work is called 'R2'


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i have similar problem, but my sonoff aren't rf, then the problem aren't rf intererence.


Maybe and I say well maybe, I found a solution.

I bought 2 Slampher_R2 and both have the long-standing problem of the on/off random cycle.

I tried to reactivate both the devices by turning them on the first time using the physical button placed on them, and then turn them off and on from the eWeLink app rather than from Google Home.

The problem is gone! I no longer found anomalous on/off cycles.

Maybe it might be worth a try, considering that for the moment, even the replacement of the product does not solve the problem.

Good luck!


I've bought 3 of them. One is acting exactly the same as described : Almost every day Slampher turn on or off by itself.

I've changed the location, and only one (always the same) gets this issue.

Last firmware downloaded is 1.8.1.

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