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Sonoff Slampher WiFi Smart Light Bulb Holder auto-on

Hi I received yesterday a Sonoff Slampher WiFi Smart Light Bulb Holder.

I succesfully installed it and paired it with the latest (3.0.0) eWeLink Android app. I have not paired any RF controller with it. I have the following problem: The device auto switches to on every minute by iteself. On the history on the app it shows "State:On, Time:x, Source:Device". I tried multiple times to delete and pair it again with no result. I even turn on the loop timer in order to switch it off every 5 minutes. It keeps on auto-switches to on state (if it is off) every minute.

Anyone having the same problem? Any feedback?


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Yes, apparently we're having a similar issue:

"Do you have any idea why the Slampher would be turning the light on at will? When I check the history, it says that it was the device?? Any ideas?"

Did you ever resolve the issue? If not, does someone have a solution?



I asked for a replacement device. I still have the old one. At some point when I will have time I will try to reflash the firmware or install an alternative firmware.

Thanks for the update - we've had an issue on not one, but two of the devices at the same time. Let me know if the replacement resolves the issue.

BTW I opened a case with ITEAD and they are the ones who told me to ask for a replacement device. When I test the new one I will post with the results.

Any update @Panagiotis ?


The replacement arrived and it behaved exactly the same. I got mine from banggood. 

I am planning on flashing a custom firmware, but did not have the time up to now.

I bought mine from banggood also! Maybe a firmware problem! Please even you flash it keep me posted about the outcome.
I have exactly the same problem.
The first lamp holder I bought a few months ago, works alright. The new one (that I got three weeks ago) keeps turning on after a few minutes.
Any solution yet?


Not really. I think it has to do with a problematic batch. Also it may be that this is there are two version (hardware of the device). Both of mine are the second version.



sorry, had an issue with previous attachment. Let's see if this works better!

well spotted!
When I looked into the eWeLink app, the device are not even called the same (I attach the screenshot of both in previous post after several attempt ;-).
The old one (which works) is called Slampher RF_R2. The new one (the glitchy one) is called Slampher_R2.
So Sonoff must be aware of this and do something about it (if they can't fix the firmware they should replace the faulty ones with the old standard).


I just found time and flashed espurna. Great firmware. Unfortunately it still has the same problem. It may be a problem with the frequency or something like that. I am getting rid of them.

Hey guys, Same problem with the B1 smart bulb, have you tried to put it near the router? I supossed that, it’s the sígnal off the device that have a bucle and keep’s repiting the same “On” state order every minute. Just check out the signal router, is it to far? Its too week the wifi sígnal? Try and lets solve it
My wifi signal is neat and clear where the device is positioned (like 4 meters from the router with clear line of sight).
Plus as I wrote before, I've got two of the same device (I suspect old and new model see picture above), and they are both approximately at the same distance from router (again 4 meters or so).
The only asymmetry is that the NOT working one (ie the one turning itself ON every now and then) is set pretty close to a PIR belonging to the house alarm network: have I got some RF interference that would turn the device ON?
I haven't try swapping the device (and set the working one near the PIR to see if it suddenly switches itself ON too), because I suspect it has nothing to do with it.
For the sake of the investigation, I I can to swap them next week-end (I am not living in that house during working weeks).
Will let you know.


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