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SonOff RF bridge always ofline

Hi I received yesterday a SonOff RF Bridge.

I succesfully installed it with the latest (3.0.0) eWeLink Android app. The device came with the 1.0.0 firmware. I saw that firmware 1.0.1 was available and I tried to upgrade it. Once upgraded it appeared online on the eWeLink Android app. I rebooted it again and from that point it always appears offline on the eWeLink Android app.

The device gets an IP address and I can ping it from my computer on the same network. The blue led is flashing twice which according to the trouble shooting manual it seems that it cannot connect to the server. The server for my region is pingable from my location (

I have tried many things:

- remove the device from the eWeLink Android app and follow again the 'pairing' procedure. The app discovers the device but it alwasys appears offline. I tried this many times.

- tried different wifis with different routers

The problem remains the same: It pairs with the app and then it shows up as offline. The blue light is always blinking twice which translates that it cannot connect to the server.

Question: Since I have a '3.3V FTDI USB-to-Serial Converter/Programmer' can I restore the orginal firmaware? Can I download it from someplace and flash it on the device? Thanks!

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I'm having exactly the same issue, after firmware update my Sonoff RF bridge pairs successfully, can ping it, but it says offline. Tried all steps in troubleshooting. Blue led blinks twice every two seconds or so.

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I have the same problem

I also update the firmware 1.0.1 but are always offline.

the blue led quickly blinks twice but does not connect to the server

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and I thought it was just me :) I have also opened a ticket, but I have not received any reply yet from itead

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I have spent 2 hours trying to solve the same problem, after updating the firmware to 1.0.1 - very annoying. 

I will just wait a see if one of you guys gets an answer from itead

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I  have also  just opened a ticket, so far no response.
I also have a device bridge that I don't upgrade  but even he went offline

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I have the same problem. Since the update, the bridge is alway offline. No way to interact with the bridge.

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Has anyone solved the problem ? my device is Always offline

they replid saying to make sure it is disabled the mac filter on the router , but the device is Always offline

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they replied the same thing to me, to disable MAC filtering. However I do not have MAC filtering enabled on my router. I do not think that this is the issue.

Exactly the same here: Since the firmware update, the bridge is always offline and seems to be dead.

Have spent several hours to examine the problem, but nothing helps: disable/enable MAC filtering does not affect, removing the device from the eWeLink Android app and renew the pairing procedure does not help. Enabeling SSID does not help. The app discovers the device but it stays offline. I tried this annoying nightmare many many times, also with different routers and with different wifi network (friends), but nothing helps and apparently Itead does not respond to opened tickets...

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I have same problem after upgrade. I have try everything. Regret updating.

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I just received a reply on my ticket that they had some issue and it should be ok now.

I rebooted the device and I am connected again!!!

Thanks ITead for your help!

I think it had to do with an issue with the 1.0.1 firmware. I am located in Europe and use most likely the server.

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I can confirm, my device is online too. Thanks!

My device is at last ONLINE !!!


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I bought A SECOND BRIDGE. the first one is excellent but the second one is always offline. Please help

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