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eWeLink and limited devices for Scene


I have lot of Sonoff devices in use and the Scene funcion is great!

I found that when I start to create new Scene (Add Scene) and try to add new devices (Execute Devices) , then I can see (add) only 19 sonoff devices. However I have more sonoff devices added to my ewelink. I can control them freely one by one, but I cant add them to Scene. Is there some kind of limitation in eWeLink software?   

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IKAROS: I think the TH16 is only a trigger based on temp and humidity. It cannot be controlled by a scene. And since the only to trig are sensor values, the sensor plug must be inserted to be able to utilize it.

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Fil says: However devices shared from another paired phone still do not show up within scenes ..

This may be the problem for several of these issues. And why isn't that possible? I can agree the trigger might be problematic on shared devices belonging to other users, but operating them shouldn't cause any issues... This is a bit frustrating, and even more frustrating since the shared switches cannot be used with IFTTT. :-(

I have similar problem:

Based on my observations as well TH16 is not controllable by a scene (at least when there is a sensor connected to it.) Currently I have a temperature sensor on all of them on remote location, so I cannot use them on a scene.

I would like to have them on a scene . Yes, there is a manual / auto -trigger on the TH16, which is probably the excuse for not having them controllable on a scene, but there could be manual/auto/scene -trigger on TH16, which would then enable that.

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 I created smart scene time schedule for son off mini to be turned ON when a set temperature is equal or higher on sonoff TH10. When the time comes the scene does not work and The icon of son off mini does not Turn to ON inside ewelink app. BUT when I press the icon to TURN it ON during the time schedule the scene wake up and does not allow me to change the status of the mini.

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Is the distance long between your devices? I see you want to turn on the power in the mini if the temperature is above 15, but only at 9:08-9:09. I think you would get that effect if using the output cables from TH16 with a schedule defined in the TH16. If the distance is too large, you could connect a sonoff basic to the TH16, and make a scene turning on the mini when the basic is turned on. The default state of the basic should be set to ON. Note that the mini will not be turned off unless you have a temperature scene, a schedule, or an inching turning it off.

the mini is getting power from different power cable. is not getting power from TH.

I created a scene when X temp is larger at specific time of the date to tell to sonoff mini to change the power state to ON. 

I will connect IFTT applet to notify me when minis status change. with a custom text. "Hello temp is 15c;

I don't want to use the output of TH, is not necessarily.

I use the mini as a secondary device because smart scenes are not working with TH in set Action area. 

Ok, Andreas. Do I understand correctly that you do not use the output from the mini, and not the output from TH16? In that case, you should reconnect, and power the mini from the TH16, and set default state of the mini to ON. Then, you can make a scene, or an IFTTT trigger when the mini is turned on, to send the SMS. You should not use a scene based on the temperature. That should be handled by the Auto-setting of the TH16, and the schedule.

Yes i don't use the output of the mini because I use it only for notification reasons. 

I understand what you mean but if I did this method I will not have the option to trigger the ON OFF of mini based on temperature during the time I want.

the schedule does not support based on temperature but only based on time.

i want to: TH10 check the temp at 09:08 and if temp is more than X don't notify me. If temp is lower than X send me notification.

So a smart scene will do this by checking the temp based on my scenario and Turn ON mini.

an applet will see the status of mini and send me notification.

Based on your method I will not have the above.

It would be nice if the Auto mode support time schedule.


Hi I’m having a very similar problem I want to use the TH 16 temperature sensor to switch on a different son off basic located elsewhere when the temperature reaches a certain value using the scene functionality with a schedule . However when the conditions are met and the schedule time is active , the scene fails to trigger. I have the th16 in my living room and the sonoff basic near the boiler. During set time I would like the scene to check the temp In my living room and if it is less than 19 to turn on the sonoff connected to the boiler between the hours of 4 and 6 . However this does not work, can you please provide a fix , thank you

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Will they fix this and allow TH16 to be under Scene? This will be really handy as then i can add a remote!

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