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eWeLink and limited devices for Scene


I have lot of Sonoff devices in use and the Scene funcion is great!

I found that when I start to create new Scene (Add Scene) and try to add new devices (Execute Devices) , then I can see (add) only 19 sonoff devices. However I have more sonoff devices added to my ewelink. I can control them freely one by one, but I cant add them to Scene. Is there some kind of limitation in eWeLink software?   

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Seems that issue is not the number of devices .... I deleted one device from my list and now I can operate with 18 sonoff devices from Scene point of view. When I add now new device - I m not able to add this device to existing Scene. I deleted all scenes and tried to start from the beginning. Result: I have 21 devices on my device list, but I can use only 18 of them in Scenes. This is a bit confusing ...

Does anyone have seen the same problem? 

I have a similar problem. im using V3.0 of the android app and have about 29 sonoff devices linked/paired.

Mainly sonoff basic switches but also including 2 x BN-SZ01, 2 x dual, 1 x pow, 1 x th16, 2 x SC, and 1 x rf bridge with 4 x 433mhz PIR2 sensors paired.

All devices with an available firmware upgrade have had said upgrade applied successfully.

when trying to create a scene the devices available to trigger action is  very short, and comprises of a single SC and 2 sonoff basic switches??

the app on its 'all devices' list indicates the status of all devices correctly and logs all pir alarms, and both SC devices display readings reflecting current temps etc.. 

I would rather not have to re-pair all the devices again as some are especially tricky to get into pair mode (BN-SZ01) and quite a lot are hidden away inside light fittings and wall sockets, but i fear that will be the simple solution.

please advise if an alternative solution exists, 

the same here, but I have only 4 devices, one of them TH16, others are Sonoff Basic WiFi Wireless Switch. Only TH16 is not available on scene mode as execute device.

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Fwiw since the last phone app update (Yesterday) the list of both devices you can employ to trigger an action and the list of devices to control are fully populated ;)

However devices shared from another paired phone still do not show up within scenes ..

getting there..  

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Same problem. I currently have 3 device, one of them a Th16 that doesn't show up for scenes. The firmware is up to date.

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My TH16's only show up when they have a temperature sensor plugged in.

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True, I plugged in a sensor and it shows up, but only as trigger for other switches (when temperature is lower than...) not in the execute part of the scene 

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Same here, not all devices show up in the Execute part of the Add Scene screen.

Anyone can suggest a solution or even a workaround ?

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what I've found works is using eg. the TH16 as an action part in IFTTT (that makes visible other limitations though as not being able to connect the RF bridge to IFTTT) but it might help in your case. In general it induces a slight delay though.

Thanks for your response.

That is exactly the contraint I am facing, I wanted a sensor value to be the scene trigger and as far as I know the IFTTT does not help.

Any further tips will be appreciated.

what I played around with and it's working somewhat (still awaiting some more tests to see how reliable that is): you can connect an otherwise unused sonoff switch to your network and set up a scene that turns that switch on based on the th16 sensor readings (and off on some other condition/threshold being met). IFTTT can then be triggered based on that switch being turned on or off.

good one, I will try, thanks again.

Guys any solution to this problem yet? 

I have 2 TH16 switches (one with a temperature sensor) and when i'm trying to create a scene then only the switch with the sensor appears to the trigger section and no switch appears on the execute section. 

What is happening and how can i solve this?


Shared devices are not yet listed as scene trigger sources or destination ...

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