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Sonoff 4CH Pro - Timing/Schedule

The sonoff 4ch pro is a great product but the 8 timings/schedules are insufficient for all channels. I have my sonoff in a irrigation water and I'm not able to properly schedule my water plan. Can you add more schedules please?

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 8 TIMES IN TOTAL IS JUST CRAZY. I'm trying to use a 4CH to control my heating system pumps, and have used all 8 timers on just one pump!

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It would be nice to have more schedules. I have fans that need to run every half hour for 13 hours.

8 timings/schedules is not enough for 4 channel, that mean we can only program 1 on/off per channel.

Could you add as soon as possible 4 x 8 timings/schedules for Sonoff Pro 4 chanels ?

Thanks Jeff

Any solution on that rather than flashing it?

Hello, I haven't heard any change about it. Mine is working with tasmota flawless.
I also have the same issue that 8 schedule is too small especially for 4 channels switch.


Rogério Crespo

Can you send me some links YouTube 

I have saved Timmers by enable the Inching setting to auto-turn off after a pre-defined time period. I mean, instead of creating one timmer or schedule to Turn On and another to Turn Off for a channel, I just set one time to turn on and let the inching timmer turn it off. But I agree it will be necessary to increase the number of allowed timmers to 32 (at least 8 timmers per channel). Regards!
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