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Grouping of lights

I didn't want to put this in feature request, as maybe it's available and I just can't work it out.

I've created a Group called 'Sleep' that switches all the lights off under Scene. However, is it possible to have a widget or shortcut at all? It's great to be able independently control each light from the widget - but a little silly if I need open application, select scenes and then 'run' it to activate. A bit long ...

Next part is can one run a scene via voice - for example, 'Alexa - scene sleep'

Lastly, with the dimmable globes - can a scene dim as well? For example, TV scene switch off everything barring the lounge - but dim that to 25%

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Ok, to answer my own question, I did it via the Alexa app - 'Alexa, turn off house' switch everything off

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