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"Countdown" timer feature - pushbutton (or from turning on)

Hello everyone,


as i seen now the way to create any countdown timer has no regard to the current state of the sonoff. when a timer is created (of any kind) it creates a TIME-STAMP to change the state of the switch.

is it possible to create a timer lets say to turn off an appliance 20 minutes FROM THE MOMENT it was turned on? (its good even if this effects only turning on via push-button)

with the current situation  if i create a loop timer or any other it may turn off the device after 2 minutes as the timer is not counting from the state change.


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Hi guys Good new. On my devices wich updated on v2.7, there is a new feature on parameters called "inch". That feature do the work. Sorry that not all my devices can have this great update. There is a little bug: it's written that time is in seconds. In fact, it's in ms. But it works correctly.

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 I think this can be "sort off" done by using loop timer, i.e. to set count down to turn off "after 1 hour after turn on" by:

1) set loop timer to turn "off" after 1 hours and 0 minutes in "start in status".  2) unselect "after" to blank out "change status to:".  3) select "Complete" to save.     You can test it with lower time duration.  However the timer is not accurate, it normally turn off earlier.   This is my main use for my Sonoff T1 and basic.

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I just posted an detailled answer, with informations in french about each of timers and with screenshot, but I don't see its publication.

It's a hassle to write it again. So, shortly, just use the INCHING parameter and don't care about other fonctions for your application. Leave them without programation.

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I want this feature for Sonoff pow r2. I want my water heater to turn off automatically after 40 minutes or so once it is turned on manually with the built in push button switch. At the same time, I want scheduled on off timer to start the heater every day at a particular time like 6:00 am. Please do it.

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Unfortunately the loop timer need a start time, then it will turn off at that time past every hour. Just wired in three to my heating system in the hope this would work, painfully not :(

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The inching feature works great when you ALWAYS want the "light" to turn off in x minutes. But...

I use a motion sensor to turn on the garage lights when passing through and inching will auto turn them off. Cool. However sometimes we need to work in the garage and want to turn the lights on indefinitely until I turn them off...inching does not allow this. My garage lights are controlled by Sonoff 3-gang smart switch witch does NOT have the Loop Timer option so the only solution seems to be inching, but again that doesn't allow manually keeping the light on.

Has anyone found a solution to this scenario?

The scenarios should be:

1. motion detector turns lights on, then off after 5 min.

2. manual smart switch turns light on and stays on till turned off manually or by a scene.


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Thanks HOA for the countdown settings.

I tried both the above but it doesnt work for me.

I have the latest firmware.

My EweLink for my lights I want to turn off after set time has dates as well as times in the loop settings.

 If only the countdown timer page allowed you to grey out the date bit it would be perfect.

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I'd like to be abble to have a simple count-down timer, i.e when I turn ON the device output, that automaticaly turns OFF after a fixed time.

The existing timer feature have to be enabled at each run and it's very inconfortable.

I'm currently using wall  switches, Wifi Bridges, POW R2 and smart switches and so need this features for all those.

At this time, I'm using time schedule features to turn OFF each 5min  but if I turn ON near off a scheduled time, it turns off near immediatly.


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I do indeed support this idea.

What I would like to see is that for example with the Sonoff touch, you can program it via the app so that when you switch on a light, a count down timer starts and after for example 2 min the light turns off.

This would be useful in a restroom for example.

By allowing you to program it once via the app, you eliminate the need to setup the timer each time you want to use the switch.

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I have solved with the command "PulseTime" with the firmware tasmota... but i really need the cloud service because i get NAT ip addresses from my isp

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More info required. Ive tried to interpret what you have done but I cant make it countdown using scenes etc. Can only make it work with the 1hr timer in settings. I need 2 hours to off after turning om.

just use a loop timer 

set the cycle to how many minutes you want it to turn of after 

set start action  to off

and make sure the AFTER check box is not ticked .


Je n'utilise aucun matériel 5V, juste des SONOFF basic, T1 et autres POW et TH, tous directement connectés à mon réseau de distribution (120V-60Hz) comme les lampes, pompes et radiateurs électriques qu'ils pilotent.

Aucun de mes Sonoff n'est pas flashé, tous en firmware original (par fainéantise).

Je confirme : ce sont les fonctions de programmation accessibles en barre des tâches qui sont à répétition en boucle.

Exemple : Sur un SONO Pow modèle US en v3.3.0, j'en ai 3 différents et pas vraiment logiques dans les noms : 

* TIMING = à quelle heure/ quel jour faire...

* compte-à-rebours : à partir du moment où tu le lances depuis Ewelink, faire... 

* temporisateur en boucle : similaire à TIMING mais à une date précise

Les paramètres INCHING sont à mon avis ce que tu cherches, au détail près qu'une minuterie classique en France est généralement "avec effet" (un nouvel ordre ré-initialise le compte à rebours) tandis que celui de SONOFF est sans effet (une nouvelle détection par le PIR n'a aucune incidence sur le décomptage initié lors de la première détection). Ca, c'est un défaut que je n'ai pas réussi à contourner jusqu'à présent.

Attention, le INCHING n'est pas présent sur tous les modèles mais depuis quelques mois, il est progressivement développé au travers des mises à jour des firmwares (même dans la catégorie bouton-poussoirs, mes "1 voie" n'ont pas eu l'implémentation de ce paramètre au même moment que mes 2 ou 3 voies). De même que l'unité pour le paramétrage n'est pas encore unifiée : certains se programment en secondes, d'autres en minutes et les premiers étaient en millisecondes, avec une erreur dans l'unité affichée d'ailleurs (corrigée depuis). Hélas, les MAJ nécessitent que tu passes en revue chaque matériel un par un, pas de MAJ automatique en push

Curieusement, le INCHING est dans "réglage", contrairement aux timers et autres fonctions. Je joins un screenshoot fait à l'instant (je suis en GMT-6).

Conclusion : programme juste INCHING et tu auras ce que tu veux.

The inching feature works. Set it to wanted timing in ms and it will turn off after specified period. Ewelink ver 2.6.0
Loop timer does not work. It still uses the start date/time for some reason. I need to stop after 1 hour but if the start time is say set to 10:00am then it will always turn off at the top of the hour regardless of when you turn the device on. I've just ordered a 4 channel pro r2 to test inching.
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