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"Countdown" timer feature - pushbutton (or from turning on)

Hello everyone,


as i seen now the way to create any countdown timer has no regard to the current state of the sonoff. when a timer is created (of any kind) it creates a TIME-STAMP to change the state of the switch.

is it possible to create a timer lets say to turn off an appliance 20 minutes FROM THE MOMENT it was turned on? (its good even if this effects only turning on via push-button)

with the current situation  if i create a loop timer or any other it may turn off the device after 2 minutes as the timer is not counting from the state change.


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Same problem here, please help me!

I have solved with the command "PulseTime" with the firmware tasmota... but i really need the cloud service because i get NAT ip addresses from my isp

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When it will be add this option?

Start creating a new scene and you will find it. Works from ewelink 3.11

More info required. Ive tried to interpret what you have done but I cant make it countdown using scenes etc. Can only make it work with the 1hr timer in settings. I need 2 hours to off after turning om.

+1 for the countdown! 

For example,  i use IFTT with geolocalization, when i arrive to my home i want to my  bethroom lights, turn on for only 5 min.

Other example: when i want to go to the batrhoom from my bed, i want to the batrhoom ligths, turn on for 3 min and then, turn off.

This 2 examples i want to excecute from de notification center for ios ( shortcut, dossent work today )


No one has posted how to really do this.  This ewelink software is a friggin' mess if you ask me.  Interface makes no sense at all.

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this already exists. it's very easy to do:

1. go to timer, set it to turn off after say, 10 minutes.

2. manually press 'on' on the large button.

The device will now turn off 10 minutes from the time you press the on large button.

this already exists, just create timer for off: 10 minutes.

Then when you press large on button, it turns off after 10 min.

I need it to do 10 seconds every time it’s triggered. I don’t think your solution will do that.

In  Ewelink SETTINGS "some" switches have an "inching" feature up to 1hr. You can set  countdown timer there and save.

The other  timer under the switch icon only works when you turn on in the APP.

I use mine with Amaxon Alexa so your screwed if you want more than 1 hour.

I now purchase switches and lights etc that use Tuya or Smart Life or similar as you can do what you want in that :)

I use the loop timer to turn my garage lights off after x minutes. Works perfectly.
1 minute minimum in increments of 1 minute. If that works it’s been quite reliable.

I tried it after your post . Wont work for me unless I use the app and current time?

What settings have you got ticked?

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